The outbreak of COVID-19 also didn’t stall the hard seltzer market. All rights reserved. Some reviewers say it is now better tasting than White Claw. Truly comes in at 100 calories, 2g of carbs, 1g of sugars and 5% alcohol. But it’s just not for me. As one self-identified bro told Business Insider, White Claw is “ridiculously good. All rights reserved. As of this year, every major beer company has at least one hard seltzer on the market, as beer continues to lose market share in favor of less alcoholic, less caloric options. White Claw is America's top-selling hard seltzer, but industry analysts expect rival spiked seltzer brands will soon chip away at its dominance. Disclaimer. Spiked seltzer fits the bill. The analysts said that White Claw's dominance doesn't pose a "major risk to Truly's growth." The alcohol in these hard seltzers like Truly and White Claw come from cold-brewed sugar as opposed to just adding in a spirit liquor later. There is a not-insignificant amount of irony when we talk about hard seltzer — for all its supposed aspirational qualities, you’re still drinking malt liquor out of a can — but particularly in the way men talk about it. Disclaimer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this summer, then you know that hard seltzers are the new hit alcoholic drink with, well, everyone. Picard, Imperfect Foods' business is booming during the pandemic, See Burger King's new three-lane (yes, 3!) If the old, I would be curious what you think of the new. ), all with perfectly portable, Instagrammable cans. The juggernaut of the hard seltzer world (in 2019, White Claw made up almost 60% of all hard seltzer sales) this brand uses a proprietary brewing process that … Industry experts and retail trend professionals have spoken to pretty much every publication about hard seltzer’s skyrocketing popularity. 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That fanciness has also historically given hard seltzer a certain feminization so often associated with fruity, lower-ABV beverages — think wine coolers, sangria, or Smirnoff Ice. Everywhere you go people are talking about “The Claw” or there are memes out there dedicated to white girls and White Claw. A group of fellow Business Insider colleagues and I recently sampled select flavors from both brands and found that when it comes to hard seltzer, there's a reason White Claw is flying off shelves. UBS analyst estimating to Business Insider, Boston, inspired by their wives’ love of sparkling water, decided to home-brew an alcoholic version, Bud Light and Corona came out with seltzer-adjacent lighter, fruitier versions of its flagship beverages, LaCroix became a strange kind of status symbol, Letter of Recommendation about LaCroix in the New York Times, Portland, Maine police department had to issue a statement on Twitter. But now that’s changing. I’ve tried other brands of flavored carbonated waters like Bubly as well, but I just can’t get past the fact that it’s not sweet. The sector has expanded 200% over the last year as the number of brands selling spiked seltzer have doubled. Tangerine and Lemon are among our favorites in the whole line — refreshing, lightly-flavored and perfect for the summer. The sector has expanded 200% over the last year as the number of brands selling spiked seltzer have doubled. This summer, not so much. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc.2018. As one 30-year-old advertising creative in Brooklyn told W Magazine, she loves hard seltzer because “they go down super easily and then suddenly I’m drunk. “As we moved away from the summer months last year and into the fall and the winter, we actually saw our growth continue to accelerate,” explains O’Neill. So for those that are not wanting to drink the extra calories or carbs that come with a beer, but still want a delicious adult beverage in a can that’s easy to transport, these drinks make a perfect compromise. That's welcome news for investors: Guggenheim analysts said its beer brands, such as Samuel Adams and Dogfish Head, are "performing below what we expected. While Boston Beer Company’s Twisted Tea has dominated the spiked iced tea market for years now, it might soon see some competition from brands focused on providing consumers with a healthier hard tea option. Even as the days grow shorter and the air turns brisker, demand for the unofficial drink of the summer is showing no signs of stopping. In an exploration of hard seltzer and gender for Eater, Amy McCarthy argues that instead of targeting the drink on the basis of sex, hard seltzer is selling a lifestyle — one that isn’t dependent on gender. But it’s a beverage whose existence makes so much sense for so many reasons, and feels so perfectly positioned in this particular period of time, that it has helped define what exactly this period is. The category, currently worth $550 million, could grow to … Account active White Claw is the industry leader, commanding 58% of spiked seltzer sales, according to Guggenheim. I know that there are a bunch more on the market, and more are popping up every day, but these two brands are literally the only ones I’ve ever tasted up to this point. Picard, Imperfect Foods' business is booming during the pandemic, See Burger King's new three-lane (yes, 3!)