This one is a perfect summer refresher perfect for a warm night on your porch or by the pool: a Watermelon-Basil Gimlet. Fortunately, he’s a keeper. I have to say it is good in a cocktail because it adds just the slightest hint of sweetness without going over the top. Serve in the Etched, Deco Diamond Hi-Ball glass. I had a nice Watermelon in the refrigerator that I was about to cut up and I had lots of basil growing in a planter on my deck. and he does the dishes? How about a thick cut ribeye or robust California Cab? By entering this site you agree to the new Patrón Tequila Privacy Policy and accept the uses of Rob also decided not to filter the cocktail this time. Nice to meet you mr. Lt. Dan. TEQUILA – 40% ALC. Thank you! Yeah, that’s definitely Forrest Gump (which came out in ’93 or ’94) :-) Too funny. Combine the basil and watermelon in a cocktail shaker. ... To make sure the cocktail didn't turn out too sweet we also included an ounce of lime juice. Garnish with a Basil leaf or small Watermelon slice. This looks fabulous and it’s nice to meet you Lt. Dan! This looks so delicious. This releases the flavor and oils in the Basil to give us the flavor boost in our Cocktail. But if it is too sweet, why not use Selzer instead of 7UP? Add the gin and lime juice. I love the thing, but basil really grows like crazy and sucks up water like nothing else. I absolutely love that your husband is guest posting! Kep on cookin and shakin! The cocktail today concentrates on the flavors of fresh fruit to trick your body into forgetting about the awesome booziness inside. If you are not familiar with muddling, you need to use a pestal and morter. All rights reserved.Address: 120 Seedling Dr, Cordele, GA 31015, Website Design By: McGrath + McKenna Design Group. OH my gosh, you are so cute. Love that, Sommer! That sounds wonderful! In a cocktail shaker, combine the lime juice and zest with the syrup, watermelon, and 3 basil leaves. WARNING: JavaScript is not enabled. Perfect for a hot summer night! It pairs really well with fruits like watermelon… Double strain over ice into Collins Glass. Copyright Leger & Son. Cool mixture then strain into a jar, cover and refrigerate up to two weeks. Please enable it and refresh the page. Required fields are marked *. 1. Shake Hard For 10 seconds. You know the answer… Actually I would rather not have to choose in that situation and have both instead! Follow us on Instagram and tag @ASpicyPerspective so we can share what you’re cooking! It pairs really well with fruits like watermelon, peaches, berries, and citrus. Add Watermelon cubes, Basil leaves to cocktail shaker and muddle enough to crush the watermelon. I love cooking for family and friends. I love Forrest Gump and the references made me smile this morning. and he uses my favorite gin? i just said “Lt. Strain off the shaking ice and pour the drink into a glass with fresh ice and a small basil leaf. Quench your thirst for delightful Patrón cocktails based on your preferences. My name is Amy and I have a passion for both cooking and food. As for the watermelon? I have a watermelon in the garage fridge right now. A summery twist on a classic Gin cocktail. NEW! All Rights Reserved. This looks amazing and sooooooo refreshing! I can totally see floating in a pool with one of these drinks in my hand. There’s nothing hotter than a man who washes dishes, makes linguini from scratch, and shakes a mean martini. cookies and how you can change your settings. I used 2 very large leaves to get this amount. End of Summer Drink Recipes - GRUBBED Blog, Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Flavor from Summer Produce with These Unique Cocktails – Bainbridge Today, Confessions of a Mixologist: 4 Epic Bramble Cocktails | Binny's BlogBinny's Blog, 20 Recipes: Eat Watermelon All Day Long |.