They supported each other through university and career changes, and in 2015, Fanous started planning their wedding. Ms Meng’s parents had not come to the celebration, but in support both of Ms Wang’s parents as well as her teacher came out to support the couple. “We hope this is a good sign to show that the armed forces’ attitude towards the LGBT community is becoming more supportive than before in Taiwan.”. Taiwan is the only place in Asia to have legalized gay marriage, with more than 4,000 same-sex couples marrying since the legislation passed in May 2019. Chen Ying-Hsuan and her wife Li Chen-Chen, during a military mass wedding in Taoyuan, Taiwan, on Oct. 30, 2020. Their love prevailed, but street protests in Lebanon and the travel restrictions and lockdowns put in place due to the pandemic kept delaying their wedding plans. In a first, two same-sex couple will be getting married in Taiwanese army’s annual mass wedding ceremony that will be held this week. But the couple had agreed early on: “No matter what’s going to happen, we’re going to get married,” she said. Bride holding a bright wedding bouquet with different,,, Wedding picture of a bridal couple holding hands outdoors,,,, Wedding picture of a bridal couple holding hands and kissing outdoors,,,, Wedding picture of a bridal couple holding hands and smiling outdoors,,,,,, In this April 28, 2019, photo, Ahmad Sbeih and Israa Seblani pose for a portrait. The military seemed an unlikely institution to be the site of a same-sex marriage, but in recent years has opened up, said Victoria Hsu, the co-founder of Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights. The couples took part in a parade and then exchanged rings in front of an audience of family members and their senior officers. But people from the LGBTQ community who want to marry someone from any other country can only register their marriage if it is permitted in the partner's home country. Hand in hand. “Our attitude is that everyone should be treated equally, and we congratulate each and every couple, and this shows that our military’s position is open-minded, progressive and with the times,” Lt. Gen. Yang An told reporters at the wedding. The two couples are Chen Ying-xuan and Lee Ying-ying, and Wang Yi and Meng Youmei. A Female Reporter Was Conducting An Interview. There Was A Farmer Who Had A Brown Cow And A White Cow. Since same-sex marriage became legal in Taiwan, 4,021 such couples have married, with 69 percent of them lesbian couples, according to the most recent government data. It’s just … the style is different.”. But both couples — grateful their families survived the chaos — chose to go through with their ceremonies anyway. Find the perfect two couples holding wedding ceremony stock photo. “I’m going to become a lion tamer.” The, Jake and Saul are two old retired widowers who reside close to each other and do constant welfare ch. Sorry, we are not accepting comments on this article. “We now have this common story — a connection that’ll always be there,” Seblani said. The mass wedding with 188 couples was the first time same-sex couples have been wed and celebrated at a military ceremony. Two lesbian couples tied the knot in a mass wedding held by Taiwan’s military in a historic celebration with their peers. And two wedding ceremonies both couples had dreamed of for years, even as Lebanon’s economic crisis and the novel coronavirus pandemic seemed to conspire to keep the couples apart. “One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I went into the restaurant and started helping people, was ‘What happened to the other couple?’” she said. Both couples viewed their ceremonies with a sense of responsibility towards representing the LGBT community. Last year, three couples were scheduled to get married, but they later withdrew their names due to reasons unknown. Thousands of couples have legalised their marriage after the law was passed 18 months ago. I’ll bet $50 my wife wakes up more satisfied than yours” says the second. Videographers hired to capture the occasion instead wound up documenting the most terrifying moments of the couples’ lives, as they ran for cover from crumbling buildings and gusts of shattered glass. An American Wrestler From Texas Named John. “If I can have a moment or a second to hold my parents’ hands and tell them goodbye.”. The mass wedding with 188 couples was the first time same-sex couples have been wed and celebrated at a military ceremony. rights reserved. © 1998-2019 Zee Media Corporation Ltd (An Essel Group Company), All That attitude was on full display Friday as it welcomed dozens of reporters to the wedding. The decision has come 18 months after the Taiwanese government legalised and gave equal rights to same-sex couples.