Refinish a wood table so it looks like new. You can add a shipping fee to your listing to pass the cost on to the buyer. It's best to include as much information as possible about the origin of an item. 15 Best Places to Sell a Wedding Dress Online and Locally, 40 Proven and Legitimate Ways to Make Money Fast, 23 Best Places and Apps to Sell Clothes Online or Locally, Free PayPal Money: 20 Legit Ways to Earn PayPal Cash Now, 25 Creative and Legit Ways to Make Money as a Teenager, 33 Best Money Making Apps: Cash at Your Fingertips, 23 Best Work from Home Jobs: Start a Career from Your Couch, 90 Legit Ways to Make Extra Money on The Side in 2020, 18 Best Paid Online Surveys Sites in 2020: Make an Extra $300 Per Month, 40 Proven and Legitimate Ways to Make Money Fast (Make $100 or More), 13 Easy Ways to Get Paid for Searching the Web (Real Money), 30 Best Gig Economy Jobs That Pay Well in 2020, 26 Easy Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards, 50+ Ways to Make Money in College (All Legit). There are basically two options to sell your furniture — online or locally. Spending a bit of time here could ultimately help you sell the item faster. Plus our best money tips delivered straight to your inbox. To sell on the platform, just submit the items you want to sell and then schedule an appointment with a member of the Sotheby’s team. Remoov will then send someone to your home to pick up your furniture or other items. 3. If you just want to get rid of some furniture, then Remoov is a hassle-free way to do so. This could mean you won’t always get the highest amount possible. However, you do get access to a specialized audience, which could make the fees worthwhile if you have items that appeal. You are pretty much on your own when it comes to selling. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. When selling, you either have to arrange shipping yourself or you’ll need to meet up with the buyer. As a specialized platform, 1stdips can help connect you with buyers. But if it's a nicer piece that you're just sick of looking at, or a hand-me-down you've been wanting to upgrade, or even a thing you bought new that just doesn't work the way you want it to, there's always the resale market. Take quality photos. The team will then come to you and collect the furniture. Chairish takes 30% of the selling price on a regular plan, or 20% (or lower) if you sell vintage items on a Professional or Elite Plan. There is no fee to get the process started. While it may be tempting to hide any defects, be sure that you mention them in the description so the buyer can make an informed decision about whether to buy. Let’s face it, whether you’re moving into a new place or just redecorating your current home, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is having to sell your furniture. There are no fees to list your item or sell on Facebook. None of our partners or advertisers have editorial input or control because our relationship with our readers always comes first. in its current condition? All of our content and reviews are based on our research and honest opinion. Have it re-wired so you can say, "It works!" Promote it. If someone is interested in your item, they can contact you via the app. "Photographs can be tricky, but they must be accurate both in depicting any flaws and in conveying color…no one wants a surprise!" For more information please read our full disclaimer and how we make money. Facebook Marketplace is essentially a classifieds site within the social network. If someone buys it, the store will give you a percentage of the fee. If you don’t, it may be hard to get your first sale because people won’t know whether to trust you — especially if your furniture is expensive. Listing on eBay is free, but the site takes 10% of the total sale value. Sotheby’s Home’s broad reach means it is well-placed to sell your items. We have advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned and reviewed on this publication. The good thing about Bookoo is that it is free to list your items, and there is no transaction fee. Consider posting to your social media channels or using paid ads to increase exposure. If you have suitable furniture and want an easy way to get rid of it, then Sotheby’s Home is a good choice. If you meet up in person to sell the item, using cash could be a simple solution. Posting items for sale on OfferUp is free. Or, you can choose to only sell via local pickup. (Note that it could also make selling slightly harder if you are new to the platform.). Posting an ad in the furniture category cost $1, although you can pay more for extras (such as promotions). Craigslist is one of the best places to start selling furniture online. If you would rather get the most amount of money possible and don’t mind putting some work in, you might want to choose a different service. If you are looking to make the most out of your old furniture, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to your advantage. Essentially, it allows you to buy … The good news is that you have plenty of options if you want to sell your furniture. Etsy is a good option for people who either want to sell multiple items or those who want to create a furniture business. This is useful if you want to sell multiple pieces of furniture. If users like the item, they can check out the rest of what you sell by clicking on your shop. "If the seller can’t find it, AptDeco will try to find the original manufacturer link and product information, including the original retail price.". Some sites allow you to list items for free. Krrb. we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can shoot photos of your used furniture with your phone and upload them to the app, then add the price and details. You can then arrange to sell the product. Basically, if you just want to sell your sofa because you are moving to a new house, it is better to use another platform. Treat it. There are some tricks to making that go very smoothly, however, so here are six steps to successfully selling your furniture online. If you live in New York City and want someone to take care of your furniture delivery, then AptDeco could be the best service for you. Zoom in and get a close-up shot of the fabric or surface, and don't forget to snap a picture of the tag! And when pinpointing a sale price, remember that there will obviously be a difference between an item that's two years old versus 10 years old, for instance. Sotheby’s takes care of the entire selling process, including arranging shipment and communicating with the buyer. You also have to pay for shipping. If someone sees something they like, they can contact you and you can arrange a meetup.