If you’re looking for a lighter read, The Psychologist is for you. © 2020 SimplePractice, LLC Try us free for 30 days. The IJP is a great read for individuals who want to expand their understanding of psychoanalysis and gain a more international perspective on the various topics related to it. • Spotlight Interview with Dr. Erika Martinez. Including both research-heavy and op-ed style pieces, the Observer is a great read for both casual downtime, as well as, for gaining a more nuanced understanding of the changes happening in the field of psychology. With options for digital and print subscriptions, you can’t go wrong. Whether you are looking for a light read on topics that interest you or a deep dive into research-heavy perspectives, there is something for you on this list. TheraNest is an all in one practice management system that can help you save time by streamlining your billing and expediting your note-taking. With over 2400 citations over the last three years, Psychological Bulletin is one of the most cited psychology journals out there. A self-care journal isn’t just for writing your thoughts about what you’re grateful for or even your stressors. Most Common Psychiatric Controlled Substances, 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Psychiatric Practice Management. Here at TheraNest we wanted to make it easier for you to stay on top of the research you need to know, that’s why we collected eight publications covering different aspects of the field of psychology that we think you should consider reading. Anyone with interest in public policy and the law should immediately subscribe to Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. Before you go, check out these related resources: Must Read Psychology Magazines and Journals, Therapy Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2018, How to Retain More of Your Therapy Clients for Longer. Having been founded in 1967, Psychology Today is not only a popular read among therapists and psychologists, but rather it attracts anyone who is interested more generally in matters involving the human psyche. • Books That Shape Us The National Psychologist is a bimonthly, independent magazine. If you treat male clients, whether they are children or adults, Psychology of Men & Masculinity is a smart addition to your reading list. Being well-read on the latest research and breakthroughs in the field of psychology helps you grow as a therapist and allows you to provide better care for your clients. Additionally, the magazine serves as an important bulletin for keeping APA members up to speed on association news and highlights. Each new issue will keep you informed about the ever-changing world of psychology. TheraNest’s HIPAA compliant software gives you the time you need to do the reading you’ve been missing out on–try it free for 21 days. Do you have a list of favorite psychology journals or magazines? While your writing may consist mainly of therapy notes that doesn’t mean it’s any less important than the work you’re reading in journals, which is why you need a practice management system that safeguards your notes and keeps them organized for you. Magazine Subscriptions Today's Deals Best Sellers Advanced Search Gift Ideas Manage Your Subscriptions Kindle Newsstand Magazines Help Psychology & Counseling Magazines 12 results for Magazine Subscriptions : Health, Fitness & Wellness : Psychology & Counseling The reads range from light topics to more research-based studies. The APS Observer is published by the Association for Psychological Science ten times per year. In addition to the many journals and books the APA publishes every year, they also release a magazine, Monitor on Psychology, monthly.