Trimming (or 'pinching') the tree's foliage is very important to its presentation as a bonsai, as it limits leaf size and encourages 'back budding'. 42 Years old. Port Jackson Fig. Koreshoff, D. & V., 1983. Boolarong Publications, Brisbane. From the newsletter of the Australian Plants as Bonsai Study Group, December 2006. The tree was bought as tube stock and has always been grown as a bonsai and always in a bonsai pot. Ranging along the Australian east coast from Queensland to Bega in southern New South Wales (including the Port Jackson area, leading to its alternative name), F. rubiginosa grows in rainforest margins and rocky outcrops. Although most books (including Meislik's) suggest 10-12oC as a minimum the species (and figs generally) can tolerate, the air temperature on this verandah would often he in the order of -2 to 0oC without injuring the tree. However, this most recent summer (2005-2006) recorded 32 days greater than 35oC (with 6 days greater than 40oC). 'Styling' is best undertaken mid October to mid December. Most Ficus species evolve produce aerial roots from the branches and huge trunks in nature. Bonsai Ficus Port Jackson Fig × Juniper Workshop - Saturday March 9th (18 Feb 2019) Join our exclusive Juniper workshop feature Leong Kwong. Simon & Schuster, East Roseville. However, the milky sap is easily controlled by spraying with water (Koreshoff, 1983). The verandah cover is also necessary to protect the tree from winter night temperatures. Like many figs the Port Jackson fig is a vigorously rooting tree and is tolerant of major reductions to its root system. A noted bonsai-feature of the Port Jackson fig is the leaf. Webber, L., 1991. It can grow as tall From rainforest to bonsai. The species enjoys ample water and, from my experience, it is difficult to "overwater" the Port Jackson fig. Ficus trees work well as just about any style of bonsai, from broom to the upright styles, to cascade, forest, and groups. 176k members in the Bonsai community. Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants, Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants. If the fertiliser regime (or the potting mix) is too rich the tree will respond with luxuriant growth, characterised by (undesirable) larger leaves. The art of Bonsai is based on the original Chinese art of Penjing. Ficus/ Fig Bonsai Page 1 of 2 Bonsai Species Guides 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon "Upon finding that I work as a professional bonsai artist, many people will remark that they once had a bonsai… Living on the boundary of two of New South Wales' climatic districts, the Riverina and South West Slopes, I experience a warm temperate climate. Port Jackson figs enjoy good light conditions, which assist in keeping foliage dense and leaf-size small. I have done it as late as mid February, with the tree regenerating foliage within eight weeks (see Figure 2). Grown from seed. Port Jackson fig can be styled to most bonsai styles and is very amenable to pruning. A daily (or even morning and evening) 'misting' of the tree in warmer conditions helps to compensate for the 'dry air' of the warm temperate climate. Ficus sagitata variegata: trailing fig - a graceful plant with lovely cream and green leaves, but does not form a thick trunk easily. The species also tolerates complete defoliation, a technique which reduces leaf size and encourages 'back budding'. Port Jackson Fig Shohin Bonsai AU $145.00 Local pickup or Best Offer Bonsai root over rock AU $250.00 Local pickup or Best Offer Bonsai Jade (Money Plant) 30 Years + Old AU $500.00 0 … Ginseng Fig (Ficus microcarpa) $18.00 Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus nerifolia) $19.00 Port Jackson Fig Hybrid (Ficus rubiginosa/macrophylla hybridized This tree is very very big. Ficus: The exotic bonsai. Meislik, J., 2004. Similar Ficus varieties include; The Microcarpa, Tigerbark, Willow leaf, Golden Gate, Religiosa, Benjamina, and Taiwan. Height from top of soil : 38 cm. Important food host to a wide range of native fauna. The tree's current canopy dimensions are approximately 600 mm high x 800 mm wide. I've had my port jackson fig for nearly a year now (4 years old) and I'm lost on how to prune it to grow smaller leaves! spray Welcome Back To Bonsai-En In this episode Andrew Edge takes you through some of the work carried out on the Port Jackson Fig during the Autumn Months. Generally it is smaller, shows more gloss and is most definitely thicker in cross section than its northern counterparts. Loving my new little pick up from Padre Pio Bonsai. I have extended the period between root-pruning to as long as 4 years, though a two year interval is more desirable. Circumference : 15 cm. Devonshire Gardens, Whitefish, Montana. I prefer "immersion' watering, where the whole pot is submerged in a vessel of water until the resultant bubbles stop.