The Yacht Race Committee for 2016-2017 will introduce a new rating system for club events. It is at the same time: The ORC rating system offers ORC Club and ORC International certificates for Racer, Cruiser/Racer and Sportboats, and ORCsy certificates for Superyachts. All rights reserved. There are two forms of the rating systems that are fully compatible using the same measurements and the same VPP: ORC International (ORCi) and ORC Club. Measurements are declared by the owner or the club measurer to avoid any extra costs. They are joining the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Balmain Sailing Club, who are also utilising this Ratings system. 1. The ORC Speed Guide uses the ORC VPP to develop polar diagrams for your yacht. ORC Rating Systems - ORC International and ORC Club . ORCi and ORC Club are international rating systems recognised by World Sailing. Many offshore sailors may already be aware of ORC International, a rating certificate widely used around the world that takes in numerous hull and sail measurements to produce a rating and Stabilty Index rating to meet Australian Sailing Special … Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship, U.S. 2020 ORC Club applications and forms. IRC - Managed by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) office and the UNCL - Click here for info. Since then, the ORC has supported several rules including the IOR, IMS, and, most recently, the ORC Rule. No measurements are needed for these certificates, provided that there is proof supplied to the rating office that the boat is complying with its Class measurements. ORC Club: uses the International Measurement System as a measurement platform. They are joining the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Balmain Sailing Club, who are also utilising this Ratings system. ORC delivers trading and electronic execution technology for advanced derivatives trading with global market access. ORC Rating systems VPP - Velocity Prediction Program ORC International certificate ORC Club Certificate ORC Double Handed Certificate On-line ORC Club Application ORC One Design Certificates. Any configuration change shall invalidate the ORC One Design certificate and a new standard ORC International or ORC Club certificate must be issued. As a result, Club and International certificates may be scored consistently with each other. Website designed & developed by Design Principles, Inc. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Published on November 1st, 2020 In a significant shift for handicap racing, Bayview Yacht Club and the Mackinac Race Authority will adopt the ORC Rating System in … SCHRS - Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System - Click here for info. ORC scoring options include Time-on-Distance, Time-on-Time, Triple Number, and Performance Curve Scoring, and other custom options. ORCi is based on a complete boat measurement carried out by a US Sailing Official Yacht Measurer as defined by the Universal Measurement System. Posted on 8 Nov Bayview and Chicago Mac Races adopt ORC Rating System chosen in conjunction with Chicago Yacht Club Bayview Yacht Club and the Mackinac Race Authority announced it will adopt the ORC Rating System to score the 97th consecutive Bayview Mackinac Race which starts on 24 July 2021. The ORC has been recently featured in several areas of the US, including Key West Race Week and the Galveston Bay races in Texas, Charleston Race Week, and local races in Chesapeake Bay and Biscayne Bay. Performance core of ORC International and ORC Club rating systems available Tuesday January 15th 2008, Author: Media Relase , Location: United Kingdom The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new Velocity Prediction Program (VPP), the computational core the new ORC International and ORC Club rating systems.