I’m a freelance travel writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Insider tip: Meat dishes abound in Germany. Indeed, it was named after a Zeppelin airship of the same name, due to its physical similarity to the vessel. And little wonder: the pastry, which is enjoyed any time of day, is flakery, buttery perfection. Plan your trip now, and travel any time up to 11 months after purchase.… https://t.co/ZnG7NJjRmA, Have you heard? Although it resembles yogurt, tastes like yogurt and is commonly referred to as yogurt, it’s technically a cheese. Swedish meatballs (köttbullar) are usually made with grated onions and served with a thick gravy and cranberry sauce. Can you even say you’ve experienced Portugal if you haven’t eaten pastéis de nata? The minced meat sausage, known as cevapi, can be made using lamb, veal, pork or beef. From rich stews and dumplings in the Balkans, to seafood in the Mediterranean, to (of course) savory cheeses throughout, the continent is a foodie’s dream. This potato pancake of Belarus is served with sour cream and can be found in restaurants as well as at a variety of food vendors. An annual potato-dumpling festival in Turecka features a competition to see who can eat the most. But a cone of perfectly crisp Belgian fries make for the perfect takeaway dish to pick up a few minutes before your train departs. If you’re visiting the Bay of Kotor, or anywhere else along Montenegro’s coast, seafood... Netherlands | Stroopwafel. A particularly savory version is "kettle goulash," made by frying beef or mutton with onions in lard. The crepe-like creamy layers are served with sour cream and make a special dish served for guests — don't turn down an opportunity to try it! They’re delightful as a snack, side dish, or main. Netherlands’ waffle is quite different from Belgium’s soft and airy variety. The home-style ali nazik makes the perfect street food, particularly if you find yourself in the province of Gaziantep. Nothing says Britain more than a parcel of fish & chips, wrapped in paper and served with salt and vinegar. The humble schnitzel is essentially thin, crumbed meat. Other beloved regional dishes include pasticada, a mix of tender beer and gnocchi that's a staple in the region of Dalmatia. But it’s the rustic pot-au-feu dish – a winter-long stew made with steak, vegetables, and spices – that’s still widely regarded as the must-try national dish. Insider tip: Although it’s traditionally a meat dish, vegetarian variations are now more common throughout the country. One extremely popular dish for the Vatican is spaghetti alla carbonara. Click here for Part 1 of the best national dishes. The national dish of Monaco, the tiny principality wedged between France and Italy, is the barbagiuan. The potato-dough dumplings (halušky) are filled with with sheep cheese (bryndza) and sprinkled with bacon or sausage on top. It’s no surprise that pljeskavica – a spiced mixture of ground pork, lamb and beef – is the national dish. While it may receive upturned noses from the younger population, it’s a hearty, thick stew still worth trying. I spend up to three months each year... Few things will connect you to a country better than local food. From world-renowned cities to smaller villages, it's all well connected by rail. 2 weeks in Europe: the foodie tour (Eurail.com) Bacalhau is salted cod that’s particularly popular among locals in Portugal, and it’s available prepared in dozens of different ways. It dates back to Spain in the Middle... Belgium | Frites. France is one of the modern culinary capitals of the world. It’s packed full of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and the perfect dish to sample on a hot summer’s day. A fish riblja čorba (thick soup) is a tasty dish whose recipe has been passed down through generations of fishermen. During the summer months, Cypriots enjoy halloumi with fresh watermelon for a refreshing snack. Americans may love macaroni and cheese,e but in Liechtenstein, they have perfected it as a dish known as "Kaseknopfle.". You cannot go wrong with a dessert with "delight" in its name! Traditionalists insist it isn't Irish stew if it isn't made with neck mutton, but the dish is sometimes served with beef, and there are even versions incorporating Ireland’s most iconic beverage: Guinness. Perhaps it is because your mouth will go on its own escapade when it tries this cornmeal, potato and feta cheese mash served with cream. Swiss cheese is the first Swiss food that may come to mind, but Switzerland has much more to offer when it comes to cheese. Insider tip: You’ll find this dish on menus throughout the capital of Prague. But the apple variety, which also often includes raisins, is by far the most beloved in Austria. Soups can be found on pretty much every Bulgarian menu, and they’re anything but run-of-the-mill. Insider tip: If you find yourself craving the dish in Oslo, head to Kaffistova or Dovrehallen. Insider tip: This tasty dessert also comes in a savory form with a filling of tarragon. It is believed to have derived its name from the Latin word "patella," meaning "pan.". This hearty dish is made from dried peas (similar to chickpeas) cooked with onions and fatty smoked bacon, and is a traditional Christmas dish in Latvia. It’s one of the country’s most loved national dishes. The bread has been produced in the country for over 1,000 years, and is still found regularly at local restaurants and bakeries. Estonians will tell you that the bread tastes best when it’s warmed, then topped with a dollop of salted butter or Baltic herring. These meat-filled dumplings are perfect party foods and a filling appetizer. They can also be stuffed with sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese and fruits. Another popular Balkan dish is also the national dish of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Belgium waffles may win in the dessert stakes. Insider tip: Montenegrin restaurants often take pride in local cuisine and authentic atmospheres, so be sure to visit a few during your trip. All rights reserved. There are few foods as delectable and self-indulgent as a bowl full of melting cheese. The traditional food from every European country highlights the local culture, making these dishes favorites for very good reasons. Insider tip: Looking for the ultimate Swedish day out? While in North America, the Belgian waffle is often massive and drowning in syrup, the traditional version is actually a small street food. Go with the veal. Baked with a hefty amount of cinnamon and topped off with crunchy sugar nibs, the pastry is an uber-sweet treat. Fair warning: This article is best read when not on an empty stomach. It’s a cut of beef sirloin, marinated for 24 hours before being served with vegetables and dumplings. It dates back to Spain in the Middle Ages and is available around the world, but no country has perfected it quite like the Austrians. Insider tip: When you feel like straying from the traditional, go with the modern – Luxembourg has 11 restaurants with Michelin Stars. Pair it with traditional filled dumplings called pierogi. Keep an eye out for the following foods and snacks to explore the traditional flavors that have kept locals nourished for generations. Traditional Maltese rabbit stew, or stuffat tal-fenek, has been served in the Maltese Islands since the 11th century. These small parcels of cabbage, grape, and rhubarb are the national dish of Romania. Our new mobile Pass is now also available for 21 of our Eurail One Country Passes! By Internetbureau Redkiwi. One of the world's most adamantly food-oriented countries, Italy is home to a host of other iconic dishes as well. The humble schnitzel is essentially thin, crumbed meat. Europe’s top 10 food cities If you liked reading about the national dishes of Europe: Take grated potatoes, mix them with egg and minced onion, fry them up, and you have the delicious draniki. If you’re in Stockholm, there’s a free shuttle bus to Ikea from the city center. This phyllo pastry filled with ricotta cheese and Swiss chard is a snack food or appetizer. Belgium waffles may win in the dessert stakes. The croissant is as indelible to French culture as the Eiffel Tower. From world-renowned cities to smaller villages, it's all well connected by rail. Insider tip: Many restaurants make a vegetarian option without the ground meat. Made with a meat mixture of pork, lamb and beef, it is the country's national dish. The pizza here is cheap, simple, and delicious. Today, German bakeries, restaurants and beer halls serve them topped with everything from ham and cheese to pumpkin seed. The most popular variations and toppings include sheep cheese and bacon. However, none are as celebrated – or perfected – as the humble pizza. Join us as we travel through the gastronomical scenes of Europe and Eurasia, one country and iconic food at a time. This small country surrounded by Italy shares many of the same flavors and dishes. If you attend any large family gathering or holiday event in Georgia, you are bound to find "khinkali." This oven-baked layer dish has many variations. This pasta-like dish, mixed with melted Appenzeller cheese and a sour cheese, is served as a main course. National dishes of Europe (Countries A-L) Austria | Wiener Schnitzel. Insider tip: The dish goes particularly well with žinčica – a sheep milk whey beverage often served in wooden cups. These potato dumplings come in a variety of flavors. Pierogies from Poland are semicircular noodle dough dumplings often filled with fresh quark, boiled and minced potatoes, and fried onions. Like many of its neighbors, meat makes up the majority of main course dishes in Serbia. Give yourself something to look forward to. Eat this treat like it's meant to be enjoyed — sans forks, either plain or with a small helping of whipped cream and sliced berries on top. If you’ve fantasized about eating your way through Europe, you’re not alone. Bottarga, sometimes called "Sicilian caviar," is a pasta served with salted, dried roe with its roots in Southern Italy. Fondue, a pot of creamy, melted cheese for dipping breads and meats, was designated a national dish in Switzerland by the Swiss Cheese Union in the '30s in order to increase cheese consumption. The popular U Sadlu Restaurant serves up one of the best. France is also where the dish got the name we all know it by; in French, “crescent,” the shape of the pastry, translates to “croissant.”, Like many countries on the list, France is also home to a popular soup: soupe à l’oignon, made with onions, beef stock, croutons and (yum) melted cheese. Insider tip: Most restaurants in Bulgaria will have this on their menu – it’s a cheap and tasty starter for almost any meal. A traditional dish dating back generations, Macedonian baked beans known as tavce gravce is served across the country in restaurants and homes. “Goulash Communism,” a form of communism that arose in the mid-20th century, was so named because, like the food dish, it represented a mix of unlikely ingredients. Polish Bigos and Mead / Jennifer Morrow / CC BY 2.0. Thin and crunchy instead, like a wafer cookie, the stroopwafel is filled with syrup that comes in all kinds of sticky-sweet flavors, from caramel and honey to wild berry and chocolate.