Then when I saw you I couldn't do it. You can probably get away with it, just know that a lot of people use that material. Should I just find a song in that key or do you think it’s alright to use a piece that I’ve had transposed? (listens) Yes, ma’am. do i have to wait after 3 years of acting lessons? Haven’t heard either in an audition. What is a good male monologue to perform for a musical theatre audition? If you can absolutely nail that part, not pushing, not flipping over into head voice, but belting with a free an open throat that shows control – you can sing it. I am auditioning for Into The Woods at my high school and I was wondering if you have any ideas for any Sondheim songs for mezzo/alto? Are you comfortable singing it? But its in your best interest not to sing the same song as the last five guys so you are not compared to them. (listens) I don’t know, ma’am. I was thinking An English Teacher from Bye Bye Birdie, or Happy to Keep his Dinner Warm from How to Succeed for my upbeat piece. Any other suggestions? Would you say that this list applies to professional musical theatre auditions as well? If it's a happy/funny part you will want a comedic monologue. Madame Butterfly is not a musical, so that would not work for musical theater audition. One of the ironies of musicals is that if a monologue shows up, it almost always will get turned into a song. I do think it would be in her best interest to sing something as close to her age as possible. I’m a bari-tenor and i have nothing prepared. What do you think about everything else or superboy and the invisible girl from next to normal? I think they could both work. The internet monologues show a lack of work in getting to know the rep and that is what bothers an audition panel. I was working as a Clerk Typist at Fort Belvoir Virgina. The following serve as a starting place for your rep search. Thanks. 0 0. gigglywiggly426. I’m a mezzo auditioning for a college program in a couple of weeks. – Matt. I wanted to sing a song that shows off my legit and lower register like ” If Ever I Would Leave You” from Camelot but that song is too overdone and too out of my age range. I am starting my auditions for MT college programs soon. Need to include duets, trios and a couple quartets as well as solos. in Musical Theatre. Can you walk? CONTENTS . Hey I was wondering if ‘If I Can’t Love her’ from Beauty and The Beast and ‘Seven Wonders’ from Catch Me if you can are considered overdone , Neither are overdone. When you sing a song for an audition, you are basically saying this is an excerpt of a role that I could sing. Most panels are not going to toss you to the side because you picked a “wrong song” they may just ask to hear it a different way or hear a different song. You couldn't even feel sadness at that time. Dave, the harvest is almost over. In that instance, I think it makes sense and you could get away with it. (Nothing to risqué). However, be prepared to do the opposite of whatever you decide to prepare and have other selections available in case they ask. However, if you can sing a song better than anyone else and it is your absolute best song – sing it. thanks! We are developing an expansive database that you can search by age, comic/dramatic, classic/contemporary, etc. I'm not worried about anyone else, they'll forget me soon enough. If not, I think the Evita is fine, but I would work on finding an alternate for My White Knight. I encourage you to re-discover these male playwrights who you already know from their award-winning musical books. I do know that using accented monologues are not recommended. Thanks! I then considered “when did I fall in love” thinking I could really ham it up and over act it, since that is her character in the show. Wicked will probably be on this list for a very long time. As far as Almost Maine, should be fine. I’ve actually decided on another Sondheim song for the Into the Woods audition. Enjoy! I’m comfortable doing, and it’s in my vocal range. If you could find other choices for those, it might be a good idea.