For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. “But the feeling of entering a room where you don’t know anyone but you feel like everyone’s talking about you, that alone is…” Jama mugs a pained ‘aargh’. But Jama paints a picture of a loving upbringing. “It’s such an effort – it’s like, ‘you’re an adult, come on, sort yourself out’.”, She’s not sure how much the situation has affected her. “I woke up my mum and went to where it had happened, but they weren’t allowed to tell me anything because I wasn’t family. A few hours later, he went outside to phone her and check in when, mid-conversation, the call ended abruptly. From there, she got her first proper presenting job (“for one of those Sky channels that nobody ever watches, but it was great training”) and before she knew it she was working for MTV and hosting a radio show on Rinse FM. She went on TV’s Crimewatch to appeal for witnesses. I’m always talking – my voice is constantly out there.” She exhales a cartoon sigh. After all, she reflects, “I think part of my character has come from certain things happening to me that just made me realise life’s too short to give a shit… You just have to live it.”. When Davidia arrives, Jama showers her with attention, takes scores of Boomerangs, and sits her down for a half-hour chat. “I can’t even…” she stumbles over her words. UK TV star Maya Jama chats with Liam Gallagher about his music. She left the station with his family and travelled to London, dropping out of college to move into his bedroom. “At 16 you think the world is a fairytale and it took me out of that. She pauses. “Statistically I should have gone off the rails then, and it feels like my career was the thing that saved that from happening. She ran into trouble with the latter a few months ago, when tweets she posted at 18 about “dark skin bitches” resurfaced. “The thing I get asked most is, ‘How are you so yourself? Tired from dancing, Jama went home early, leaving him in the pub with their friends. I had hope and there was something to look forward to. “Yeah, I’m not really political, I’m not gonna lie,” she says, holding up a hand. “And they do these champagne cocktails that get you mashed.”, I don’t think it would be possible to spend a day with Jama and not end it besotted. RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or EMAIL, Strictly's Nicola Adams AXED from show after Katya catches coronavirus, The 4 mild symptoms of coronavirus you should not ignore, Heartbreaking tributes to 'little angel', 2, as man, 26, held for 'murder', UK Covid cases rise by 33,470 in biggest EVER jump, How to get £150 off your council tax bill due to coronavirus, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. MAYA Jama has sent pulses racing in her sexiest video yet. “I’m not giving anyone else the power. Jama is also unquestionably stunning. “I don’t want to get close to someone who will just fall back in the same pattern,” she says warily. “But she got this boyfriend who was a dealer, and he just kept her trapped…” The woman soon developed a crack and heroin addiction, and things Jama had left around the house started to go missing. a 15-year-old girl they work with - can come to meet her “idol” on set. Here, she talks hard work, family troubles, and hosting MTV’s answer to Love Island, Sun 29 Jul 2018 03.00 EDT You’re more like a stranger with the same features as me,’” she reflects. View our online Press Pack. GOT a story? Even her publicist admits to me earlier that the programme “wasn’t as profound” as they might have hoped – Jama’s journey didn’t end with her meeting her own father, nor was there any neat resolution. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. “Well, I think the world’s a bit fucked up and there is so much going on, but I try not to go too much into it because it’s just going to get me in a bad mood.”, True Love or True Lies premieres at 9pm, Monday 6 August, on MTV, Available for everyone, funded by readers, When she was a child, her father was always in prison. “I just remember it cutting out and thinking, ‘OK, I’m going to bed - he knows my address, he’ll just turn up here when he’s done.’” He didn’t come home, and when she woke up at 6am, it was to a message from his nephew saying he’d been fatally shot, caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs. “She’s someone who comes from where I come from,” says a joyous Davidia after the meeting. The 26-year-old broadcaster was seen crawling on all fours in a plunging PVC catsuit, which inevitably caused a stir on her Instagram. It is what it is.”, At first Jama was referred to as “Stormzy’s girlfriend”, but her hard-won career has made her a star in her own right, and she holds a unique fascination for a generation of girls eager to follow in her footsteps. Maya Jama has wanted to be famous before she even knew what she might be famous for. What started out as an unpaid internship soon evolved into a gig for football network Copa90 and, aged 19, Jama was sent to Brazil to cover the World Cup. While she was shut in her room, doing work for the college courses she’d signed up for, men would come in and out of the house as the woman made efforts to fund her habit. Hopefully this is the beginning of everything. Now life is different. After sliding into each other’s DMs, they first struck up a firm friendship - and, in many ways, the rest is history. Jama displayed a resilience that would come to characterise the years that followed. “I’d just met these cameramen who got me a job as a runner, and things were starting to look good for me. When, through a family connection, the charity Football Beyond Borders discovers that Vogue is planning to photograph her, they ask if Davidia - And maybe my independence and do-it-yourself vibe could come from him not being around.”, Still, Jama says she gets anxious, and Stormzy has spoken publicly about dealing with depression. I felt like life was really short. “Well, last year felt a bit like that, maybe more the year before. “But, after keeping things low-key for so long, we ended up living together, being in the same places together. “No, not at all”. “It’s like, everyone’s relationship is so different and not everyone’s lovey-dovey and kissing every five minutes. I was choked up', Stormzy is a political pop hero young people can truly believe in, Reggie Yates: ‘I was accused of being aggressive when I was being passionate’. Maya Jama puts on a leggy display as she flaunts her curves in a white dress during a girls' night out at Annabel's. “I don’t get too involved in it, I don’t really watch the news.” Being downbeat isn’t part of Jama’s brand, I suggest. And it’s a complete headfuck,” she says through delicate mouthfuls of fish and chips. With my boyfriend passing, it gave me a fearless approach. She assumed it was a technical glitch. When she posted a bikini shot of herself in a Barbados hot tub earlier this year he commented simply: “come home now”. She has a podcast – “in the iTunes top 10!” – hosted by lingerie company Freya, neatly titled When Life Gives You Melons, and has an eye on developing her own chat show by “speaking it into existence”. By Bryony Jewell For Mailonline. . © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Their relationship has been a young-love fantasy for the masses: when Maya tweeted Stormzy at 7.50pm asking for, “2 double cheeseburgers and 9 nuggets with dips thanks love you”, he simply responded, “drink?” and the internet went into meltdown. Born in Bristol to a Swedish mother and Somali father, she spent most of her adolescent weekends visiting her father in the prisons where he served an endless string of short sentences; the years before he was sent away are coloured by vague memories of seeing her mother’s blood on the kitchen floor and “just knowing that something wasn’t right”. At 12, she stopped seeing him, but, 10 years on, she hoped to meet him and discover why he behaved as he did, With Nick Grimshaw deciding to quit the flagship programme, we look back at the hosts who have shaped it, from Tony Blackburn to Sara Cox, The chart-topping grime rapper will publish his own book, Rise Up, with the new imprint, which will be ‘a platform for young writers’, Charmingly, he sounds like boys I grew up with. And although, she says, “he’s on a way bigger scale on a fame level, I’m more exposed to everyday interactions and just putting myself out there. Last modified on Wed 1 Jul 2020 12.51 EDT. After a few months, she moved to Queen’s Park with a close family member who’d experienced a similar tragedy. “When you go through trauma, if you don’t have something to look forward to, that’s when you can get stuck in a rut.”, Maya, co-host of BBC One show Peter Crouch: Save our Summer, added: “I don’t let myself get wound up over smaller things because I know what it’s like to feel actual pain.”. But Jama had energy and “life goals” – and one by one, she has been ticking them off at such rapid speed that it makes her physically squeal, the human equivalent of the “omg skjhskjhlslhjk” text from a best friend with good news. She also finds herself one half of pop culture’s favourite couple (she’s been in a relationship with grime artist Stormzy since 2014), while her path to success has remained a compelling combination of aspirational and highly relatable. By her teenage years, she had cut ties with her father entirely: “I just felt like, if you can’t even make the effort to stay out of jail, why am I making the effort to go and see you?” It wasn’t until she filmed a 2017 documentary about children growing up with fathers in prison, that they had a short-lived reunion. The poster girl for a new generation has been navigating her way through the music and media industry since the age of 16. She began her career uploading videos of herself on YouTube and has always been big across “the socials” – Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. “It’s like getting on a train and not knowing if someone’s trying to take a sneaky picture.”. TELLY host Maya Jama has told how the gun murder of her boyfriend spurred her on to future success in showbiz. It’s going to be harder to keep things private.”. Danny Dyer is providing the voiceover, the gritty geezer offset to Jama’s boundless enthusiasm. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Despite claims that it’s a completely different concept, the station has Jama hosting a reconfiguration of the format set by Love Island: hot couples, some real and some fake, living in a luxury Tuscan villa, competing to win a prize for the most “real” relationship. She has been plastered on billboards, first with modelling campaigns for Maybelline and Adidas, then with her own fast-fashion line with Pretty Little Thing. “My anxiety comes from people watching me more and knowing more about me,” she laughs. Does she worry about saying no to work, in case her moment passes? Maya Jama: ‘I wanted to prove I’m not some girl they just found on Instagram’ Nosheen Iqbal At 23, Maya Jama is a Radio 1 DJ, TV host and, with Stormzy, half of a UK celebrity power couple. “We’re the same as a normal couple, it’s literally a normal relationship. “She’s real.”, Jama’s impact proves anything is possible. In the tradition of the most successful mainstream presenters, Jama is prone to chatting in an exaggerated hyperbolic stream about things that are “amazing!”, “incredible!” and “so cute!” but she has a brilliant voice: husky, distinctive and naturally warm. “It’s the only snazzy restaurant I really know,” she beams, when I ask why it’s her destination of choice. Obsessed with the idea of “being on telly”, she would recruit them all to purchase tickets for her self-staged living-room performances and No Doubt dance recitals, while watching women such as June Sarpong and Jameela Jamil on T4 made her realise that girls like her had a place in mainstream media.