Advise is a verb, and it means to offer suggestions meant to help or inform someone. For more information on using would, ought and should, see our page on modals. Really helpful for daily conversations! 4. I'd advise you against that approach, which can be costly. Use ‘verb+ing’ after ‘suggest’ or ‘recommend’ to explain your advice to the listener. it is so nice reading to know about behavior and attitude, pretty good to get useful tips about english language. suggest and recommend Either use a verb + ing “I suggest visiting … You can use the modal should to give suggestions in English . Her mother was away and couldn't advise her. is a good way to make a friendly suggestion. Eddie advised us on the best restaurants to visit. Either use a verb + ing “I suggest visiting the Eiffel Tower.” (We should all go. Many people don’t like getting advice if they haven’t asked for it! ''If I were you, I'd...'' is like a second conditional, with If I + past form of verb to be and I would (I'd) in the other clause. J'ai repris les commandes, j'attends vos instructions pour la suite. 2. You’d better wake up early. I think you should buy a new car. formal (with clause: notify [sb]) informer [qqn] que vtr + conj : A text message advised me that my flight was delayed. Here are two things for you: 10 Essential Fluency Phrases – Get the phrases for easy conversations NEW: Join The English Fluency Club – Get my 2 fluency programs + weekly challenges and group lessons, wow! Je te déconseille cette approche, qui peut s'avérer coûteuse. ''Perhaps we could...'' is another way to make a suggestion. If you wish good advice, consult an old man. 241+28 sentence examples: 1. Aidez WordReference : Posez la question dans les forums. Le pilote a fait un malaise. I'd advise you against sailing today; the weather is turning nasty. Let me offer you some fashion advice. Advice is an uncountable noun. You can use Ought to to give advice in English ), OR use a noun “I recommend the lasagne.” (It’s a very good dish to choose in this restaurant.). 3. Je lui ai suggéré de manger avant le vol. It boosts our confidence up during communication and make any effective suggestion. 3. I have the controls; please advise. Un SMS m'a informé que mon vol était retardé. Sometimes, you need to make your advice stronger to let the listener know that it’s really important. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "advise" If Eduardo doesn't enjoy air travel, I would advise him to choose a holiday destination which is close to homeMy friend advised me to study here because she took this course last year and really enjoyed it. La ville de Newcastle nous a informés d'une série de fermetures de rues. Voir la traduction automatique de Google Translate de 'advise'. After the verb ''consider'' use a noun or a gerund. Signalez une erreur ou suggérez une amélioration. I'd advise against that course of action. Je te déconseille de prendre le large aujourd'hui : le temps est à l'orage. He was hired to advise the Queen on matters of state. The pilot has passed out. Please advise us of the date. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Je déconseille (à quiconque) de voyager seul dans le désert. The worst men often give the best advice . Newcastle Council have advised us of a series of road closures. ''Ought'' is another way to give advice. advise [sb], advise [sb] that⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." Here are some common phrases and expressions you can use when making suggestions and giving advice in English: Making suggestions and giving advice: You should try to learn English everyday. For example: “He should visit the Eiffel Tower.” (Not “he should tovisit the Eiffel Tower.”) For more information on using would, ought and should, see our page on modals. Un oubli important ? Wonderful work ! should “You should try to practise English.” “You shouldn’t translate too much.” Why don’t you “Why don’t you join an English club?” ought to “You ought to read more.” If I were you, I’d… “If I were you, I’d watch more television.” *All these expressions are followed by a verb, without to. Advice in a sentence. “Let me give you some advice.” “She gave me a very useful piece of advice: to buy a good dictionary.”. Many receive advice only the wise profit by it. We've brought in experts to advise on the scheme. ''You could always ...'' is another way to make a friendly suggestion. WordReference English-French Dictionary © 2020: Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend le(s) mot(s) "advise" : Dans d'autres langues : espagnol | italien | portugais | roumain | allemand | néerlandais | suédois | russe | polonais | tchèque | grec | turc | chinois | japonais | coréen | arabe. ; It seems to me that you should pay her back as soon as you can #2 Ought to . I could advise with no To come to England, Wesley provided for spiritual discipline through the class-meeting, whose leader has to advise, comfort or exhort as occasion may arise; and (2) through the ministers, who have to bear the chief responsibility in the reproof, suspension or expulsion from … This means that we can’t say an advice. Best way to improve you English language. I think you should go home early. Je déconseille vivement un tel plan d'action. I shall act as you advise. For example. Remember the difference between the verb and the noun form of this word. Why don't you + infinitive without ''to'' is a good way to make a suggestion. To avoid giving the wrong impression, you can try some of these expressions: Hi! Remember: ''advice'' is a noun, while ''advise'' is a verb. I can help you speak English more easily! Notre équipe d'avocats expérimentés est prête à vous conseiller. A text message advised me that my flight was delayed. Advice is a noun, and it means suggestions meant to help someone. Il a été engagé pour conseiller la reine sur les affaires d'État. Instead, we say some advice or a piece of advice. For example: “He should visit the Eiffel Tower.” (Not “he should to visit the Eiffel Tower.”). All material on this site is copyright © 2020. Let’s have dinner together. 2. It's pronounced ''ort'' and is followed by the infinitive with ''to''. ''Have you considered...?'' 23. I’m Clare, an English teacher and the founder of this site. I'd advise you not to tell him. You can use the following words and expressions in conversations to make suggestions and give advice to people. Please advise if this arrangement suits you, Please advise me of which hotels are still available, We advise across the entire sourcing journey. To make these negative, put ‘not’ before your ‘verb+ing’. Signalez une publicité qui vous semble abusive. 6. “I advise you to buy a good dictionary.” (The pronunciation is ad – vaiz), “Can you give me some advice?” (The pronunciation is ad – vais). We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Our team of experienced attorneys is ready to advise you. Discussions sur 'advise' dans le forum English Only, ⓘ Un ou plusieurs fils de discussions du forum correspondent exactement au terme que vous recherchez, Advise in preparation in management practices, Could you please advise on the status of the request, FR: What more can I do other than to advise. ; I am pretty sure that she should move to another country. Devenez parrain de WordReference pour voir le site sans publicités. “You should try to practise English.” “You shouldn’t translate too much.”, “If I were you, I’d watch more television.”, *All these expressions are followed by a verb, without to. ), OR use that + a verb without to “I suggest that you visit the Eiffel Tower.” (I’m not going. 1. I'd advise against travelling alone in the desert. Remember: ''should'' is a modal verb and is followed by the infinitive without ''to''. 4. The verb ''suggest'' is followed by a gerund (getting), a noun, or by that + subject + infinitive without ''to''. (''Optician'' = a shop where you can get an eye test and buy glasses.). Advise in a stronger way. Je lui ai conseillé de manger avant le vol. advise [sb] of [sth] vtr + prep: formal (notify [sb] of [sth]) We can use the expression ‘you had better…’ to do this. "She found the cat." Why don't you join an English club? 5. Je n'ai rien dirigé, j'ai simplement donné des conseils. Un SMS m'a informé que mon vol était retardé. Don’t wear that brown belt with those black shoes. What about having a cup of coffee with me?