The notes comprise of vanilla, apple, cardamom, lavender, sandalwood, pepper, patchouli, orange, geranium, violet, bergamot, and jasmine. Parfums De Marly Layton smells like Alexandria Fragrances Royal Equestrian. Parfums De Marly Layton Exclusif smells like Royal Equestrian. Since I haven't smelled Layton, I'm not sure if I got the right one. Please read the, 9 Uncommon Compliment Getter Fragrances For Men. A cheaper designer alternative - but which!? Mine smells like strong cough syrup with incense in it. When comparing both I could only tell one distinct difference, and that is the vanilla in the original is super smooth and to die for but you can only really tell that from smelling both side by side up close. 10/10. Parfums De Marly. Best perfume dupes! Perfume composition. Layton Exclusif opens up with a bergamot and orange citrus combo with a hint of almond sweetness (reminiscent of the original Layton minus the apple). New fragrance. this scent seems to work year round but go very lightly on the sprays in the warm months. Price here is a bit of an issue, because per volume it is not a huge savings, you have smaller size options, and possibly require less sprays due to the performance, but if your heart is set on the real item and you know what your getting than spend the money there, it is just a slightly more expensive commitment at the end of the day. Parfums De Marly Layton Exclusif smells like Royal Equestrian. Royal Equestrian obviously is not as long lasting and projection isn’t as strong but the scent is very close. HEAD • Vanilla, Apple, Cardamom, Lavender. RE actually projects slightly better and is slightly brighter. Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, a database of fragrances, perfume glossary, fragrance forums, user reviews and more. The base is full of woody … P.S. I never smelled Layton , I have nothing to hold this to--EXCEPT for other Alexandria fragrances. Perfumes: 62480 Now, price wise, if you only own a couple of fragrances than perhaps the real deal is the right way to go. I'm having terrible performances with this one, like if i spray and half an hour later is gone. Vanilla, spicey, fresh, musky, aromatic and sure to please any crowd you're in. This smells exactly like Layton if not better. It’s super close to Layton of course, but to my nose it’s a bit more smoother and pleasant than the original. BASE This is one of those fragrances when you walk by heads turn. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. this is equally as amazin as layton.budget or no budget, im glad that i added royal eq to my roster. I have never tried Leyton however I tried a sample of this based on the comments and high score however although I find this to be nice it is just nice, I'm not blown away by it as I was expecting to, glad I only bought a sample. What is the best Alexandria Fragrances Royal Equestrian clone or alternative? ... Royal Equestrian. Royal Equestrian was launched in 2018. I could still smell it the next morning. Layton Exclusif Cologne by Parfums De Marly, Layton Exclusif is a bold blend of woody and citrus accords. Layton; Layton Exclusif; Herod; Akaster; Carlisle; Galloway; Godolphin; Byerley; Habdan; Kuhuyan; Nisean; Oajan; Darley; Shagya; See all. Now available for purchase from NYC boutique: By bigtyivier2k2 in forum Male Fragrance Discussion, By Buysblind in forum Male Fragrance Discussion. And that Pegasus Exclusif does use some similar base notes like Layton Exclusif. A subtle mixture of classic and modern. Alexandria Fragrances. Its spicy vanilla. Last long: around 7 hours or more. Own the crowd and night with this juice. bigtyivier2k2 (19) What else does Parfums de Marly's Layton remind you of? Online right now: 1771, Fragrantica in your language: Sedley encapsulates in its olfactory DNA, the balance between opposites right, where noble materials and futurist molecules collide. WHAT IS THE POINT OF BUYING THIS? Lasts a bit longer on my skin and projection is slightly better. I got this a sample of this fragrance since 3 days ago and after read that great reviews I spected a little bit more. I wanna buy another bottle of Layton soon and would be nice get a good price. I bought this blind as I'm pretty new to the niche scene. Tbh sometimes I have this thing about clones(inspired scents) that I can’t take them seriously, bcuz they lack originality, but when it comes to this scent right here forget all of that lol. I highly recommend this one. The lightness of citrus sets off the power of mint. A*Men. When the innocence and softness of rose and lily encounter the fruity scents of raspberry and blackcurrant… Meliora, a delicate cocktail of fruit and flowers enchants with its romanticism. 10. gewoonBB (15) Parfums de marly Layton defect? I own Layton 75 ml and I bought this out of curiosity to see how good it is in comparison to Layton. I love the way this smells and performs. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Perfume composition. Either way, I love Royal Equestrian, which is sadly no longer available on the UK website of Alexandria Fragrances. Delivery Countries. Knowing the popularity of Layton, I bought this. Sunny and radiant, it boasts a warm sandalwood and vanilla accord lifted by a spiced heart of saffron and tonka bean, with an unexpectedly bitter green apple twist. 13. Parfums De Marly perfumes and colognes. Richwood. Sheesh!! It is a balanced reformulation of the previous project, plus an oriental structure that adds more kick. Is it because of the "settle thing" that somebody talks about? Royal Equestrian does nothing groundbreaking nor employ any unusual perfume notes, yet the end result is an exquisite fragrance; opulent, sophisticated and oozing sensual allure. I will check how Layton and Exclusive Layton are and then I´ll make my choice. Damn this is pretty close to Layton! Here, the woody notes help to project a more dominant aura. Layton Exclusif. i dont feel this scent is business appropiate but for a date,clubbin,and every other situation.....U GO BOY!!!!!! Layton is a spicy sandalwood fragrance, with accents of green apples, and a sweet, caramel-like vanilla. Fans of Ultra Male, Bentley Intense sweetness should easily appreciate this offering as well. I get a powdery Amber and Vanilla, along with some spices. Tech Questions, Bug, Feature Requests, Basenotes-related talk... Where to buy Parfum de Marly Layton Exclusif. I'd be interested to see how it compares to the tola version. Perhaps this is testament to the blending skills of Haney Hafez, the nose behind Alexandria Fragrances, or down to the use of high quality perfume notes. Sophie or Nesrine from our boutique in Paris. Layton Exclusif by Parfums de Marly is a Oriental fragrance for women and men.Layton Exclusif was launched in 2017. This to me is better than the original. Well done Alexandria. … Layton Royal Essence. I’ve found my new signature scent folks. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Projection and longevity on me anyway is 6-8 easy. The sandalwood is made spicy through the addition of an aromatic, herbal lavender note. Free shipping on all US & Canada orders / Complimentary samples. The first 90 seconds were the the most different. Black Orchid. Highly recommend this one! I have to say it's similar in some respects but nowhere near close to the original. It's sweetened with green apples, and this is how the fragrance begins. Its heart combines powdery iris and delicate orange blossom enveloped in mysterious amber and caressed by white musk. I bought this in a 55ml spray from the UK website to see how it compares to my original 125ml of Layton. Royal Equestrian by Alexandria Fragrances is a fragrance for men.Royal Equestrian was launched in 2018. oh look, I have a signature Discover a searchable archive of my reviews and more at The Scented Devil