"Judgement Day" is the sixth and final episode of the third series of the popular science fiction fan series Time Agent. Doctor Who Expanded is a FANDOM TV Community. The Executive then kills himself once again. The episode begins with Tony retrieving Gibbs from the water and trying to revive him. In the fallout of Jenny's funeral, newly appointed Director Vance shreds a page from his personnel file in the Director's office and terminates Ziva's liaison status (sending her back to Israel), reassigns McGee to the, Brenna Radding as Kelly Gibbs, Gibbs' deceased daughter, Cast and Crew Commentaries on Selected Episodes. Henry's Universe Mode(Season 4) Episode 11: Judgme... Henry's Universe Mode(Season 4): Judgment Day Preview. The deceased man is identified by the team as a career felon, who was working with the FBI to track down a man suspected of supplying people with new identities. Cornerstone Episode 11 – Judgement Day: What will Jesus say about YOU? Tony and Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine are sent to Baghdad to investigate, while the rest of the team assists by investigating stateside. The 'Flower Alien God' is rampaging through Dartchester. The quest for ratings makes the hunt all the more desperate for all parties involved. Director Shepard attends his funeral in Los Angeles, with Tony and Ziva tagging along as protection. The team is happy with the killer dead but some things are still unclear. After evidence comes to light exonerating Jenny, Jeanne Benoit reappears and blames Tony for the murder, at first, but Trent Kort (who has since, with the blessing of the CIA, taken over La Grenouille's business) arrives and claims responsibility. Steve pleads guilty to plagiarizing and avoids a hearing in front of Chancelor Arnold and the student council, but the corrupt and vindictive Professor Randall peruses a case against an innocent Brandon. Meanwhile Ziva has an affair with one of the men suspected to be the accomplice of the killer. This scene featured in ". In the end, the team finds him but the shooter tries to flee but Jimmy manages to stop him in his car. The season ended with a two-part season finale called "Judgment Day". Official Judgment Day Theme Song- "War of Change"- Thousand Foot Krutch. But the investigation hits a snag when Ducky refuses to autopsy the Marine in deference to the Marine's family's religious beliefs as that the father believes that if Ducky cuts into his body, then his son will never find in peace in Heaven. Scarlett Brooke meets Mortis on a roof-top. With Chris Elliott, Ian Tracey, Nicole Oliver, Kevin McNulty. Liam flies the Zakatron spaceship in to the 'Flower Alien God' killing it, supposedly killing himself in the process. Judgment Day was the eighth annual Judgment Day professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Left shellshocked, Jimmy struggles to remember the man's face and thus identify him. When a high-tech naval radar goes missing but is found again, the team stakes an abandoned warehouse to catch the thief – using the radar as bait. The only reason they can remember is because they were at the epicentre of the events. After a violent confrontation in which DiNozzo, McGee, and Ziva are injured, the team realizes the Marine is the subject of an experiment. Did you know that one day, Jesus will judge us all? La Grenouille approaches Director Shepard for protection after deciding to quit the arms smuggling business against the CIA's wishes. Mortis realises Liam isn't acting normally and a fight breaks out. It took place on May 21, 2006 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona and featured talent from the SmackDown! But Liam, now with some 'Flower Alien' instincts, chokes the Executive to death. Mortis gives him Agent Obadiah's vortex manipulator so he can teleport there.