The curve-billed thrasher … Please try again later. Strong legs and a long, decurved bill give Curve-billed Thrashers the perfect tools for hunting insects in the punishing deserts, canyons, and brushlands that are its home. Crissal Thrasher: Deeply curved bill, unspotted breast and underparts, dark line below the bill… Curve-Billed Thrasher song from the album Listen To The Mockingbird is released on Jan 2013 . Curve-Billed Thrasher Sunset Song, Dogwood Canyon, NM. By Miya Lucas. Pale blue, evenly spotted with pale brown. The bird is still easily overlooked as it runs about on the desert floor or flies from bush to bush, but its sweet, melodious song is quite distinctive. You may recognize it from its distinctive call, a sharp and loud "whit-wheat." California Thrasher: curved bill, complex song. That long bill also keeps long … One of the last resident birds in the southwest to be discovered, this thrasher was overlooked until the 1870s, when Charles Bendire noticed that it was different from the common Curve-billed Thrasher. Incubation is by both parents, about … The rapid pulsing, throbbing beat within a continuous melody reminds me of a rhythmic rap song. Listen to Curve-Billed Thrasher MP3 song. With its relatively small bill… Forages mostly on the ground, using its heavy curved bill to flip leaf-litter aside and to dig in the soil. The duration of song is 08:08. Eggs. In the spring and summer, the song of the California Thrasher always puts a smile on my face. Listen to recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology here. Curve-billed Thrasher: Well-curved bill; indistinct spots on breast; gray-brown plumage; pale orange eyes; call is a sharp “whit-wheat”; song is a musical series of notes and phrases with little repetition. The curve-billed thrasher is a common bird in the southwest. Often lasting three to five minutes, it’s one of the more varied and complex bird songs … (The beginning of the third recording has the distinctive call.) This feature is not available right now. 3-4, sometimes 2. It also has various non-repeating songs.