Kregg and Lucan explain their stories, much to Thragg and Anissa's disgust. Writer Robert Kirkman discusses the huge emotional blow to Mark Grayson and the controversial events in this week's "Invincible" #110. It's a great medium to be able to deal with real-world issues against a fantastic backdrop that is completely unreal and see how those differences in the situation change how characters behave. Mark asks her to leave him be, but she refuses and charges. It's definitely a hectic time in Mark's life, there's definitely a lot going on with Robot trying to take over the world, and I'm just trying to throw Mark Grayson -- the main character of this book -- into the worst possible situation he's ever been in so we can see where he comes out on the other side and whether he manages to retain his sanity in the process. Nolan and Mark stop the fight and Nolan grabs her by the neck after Eve suggested that something happened between Mark and her. Mass murderHostile takeover Female on male rape has been depicted in comics before -- Starman, Nightwing, Green Arrow all were victims of it, among others -- but never in a scene as graphic as the one in "Invincible" #110. Anissa attempt to help Mark up, but Mark slapped her hand away in anger. Being able to tell long-form stories over that period of time and really get to have the readers go on that journey with those characters and have their lives evolve and change as people's lives do over long periods of time as they're experiencing this fictional world is really just a magical form of entertainment, if I can sound corny for a little bit. She leaves, hoping that Mark realizes the danger before then. Tags: Invincible Returns Allen Anissa Art Atom Eve Cecil Stedman Conquest D.A. She threatens to kill Mark's mother so that he would come with her. Anissa's parting words to Mark indicate that this won't be the last time she tries this with Mark. Anissa was born on Viltrum and is thousands of years old. She was accompanied by Kregg, Thula, and Lucan. He grabs her throat and slams her into a wall, demanding that she back off Nolan shouted for Mark, but Mark told him to “stay out of it.” Anissa grinned and proceeded to tell how Mark's aggression aroused her and made her want to repeat their prior incident. A couples months after Mark had left Earth, Anissa gave birth to Mark's son, Marky. Later, she was seen on the moon after Thragg attempted to kill Nolan. Anissa is a villain in the Image Comics comic book series Invincble, and is a member of the viltrumite empire. She began to tell him about her refusal to mate with humans. She also reported that the area where one of Robot’s drones being located and the Viltrumites were awaiting his order. This being the age of the Internet, there have already been a number of comments that Mark couldn't have been raped because he was -- to put it delicately -- 'able to perform.' Anissa, a loyal member of the Viltrumite Empire, was first sent to the planet Earth in order to verify that Invinciblewas making progress in weakening the planet’s defences. Invincible #139 - The End of All Things Part Seven. After the planet Viltrum was destroyed, Anissa along with the remaining Viltumites relocated to Earth and live amongst it's people in secrecy until the time is right to strike. Growing up a comic book fan and watching these character grow and evolve over decades and decades has really led to me being energized by the fact that in comics, you start a series with character A, and by the end of the series it's still character A, but he's completely unrecognizable. After, she grabbed Tech Jacket. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. When you're a teenager it pays to be - Invincible. Well, yeah. In a broader sense, was there any concern about a scene like this being a trigger for readers that may have experienced a similar situation in their lives? Mark lightly fought her off, hoping that she would leave him be. I think that's why it's such an evolving series. What was the discussion like between you and Ryan Ottley when determining how to most appropriately depict the scene? Anissa is just like Omni-Man (she's a Viltrumite...same know, the usual). When she arrived, she was disappointed to find that Invincible had literally taken no action towards completing his assigned task. She begins her speech about how Viltrumites would turn Earth into a utopia for centuries and rid the planet of disease, war, and death. It is a new beginning for the series in a lot of different ways. Distracted by the battle between the two sides, she was later seen when Invincible, Thadeus, and Omni-Man flew through Viltrum, successfully destroying the planet. Anissa tells him to man up and implying she will be try again. I think that's -- I hate to say it, but it's just an ignorance about what the actual situation is. Robert Kirkman: The events of this issue have been roughly planned since the Viltrumites set up shop on Earth. After the Viltrumites begin to assimilate themselves into Earth culture, they start to repopulate their species as they number less than even 30 Viltrumites now.