Contributor November 4, 2020. Moreover, the VASTERON Sool ($19.99) and VASTERON Bench ($39) adds a more vibrant touch. It fits perfectly. A boxy KLIPPAN Compact 2-seat Sofa ($234) emphasize the masculinity of this living room alongside those BURVIK Side Table ($35). Two YPPERLIG Armchair ($99) and Nyboda Nesting Tables ($178) calm the overwhelming vibe stylishly. This Japanese-inspired IKEA living room looks so beautiful with its neutral overall look. Then, an ADUM Rug ($89) matches very well with the room’s wood flooring. The KIVIK Sofa in navy ($952) pops up the color very well with that KIVIK Footsool with Storage in light grey ($147). Then, a BESTA Storage Combination ($290) in a teal finish adds a clean-lined minimalist touch to the room. 3 Stolmen 2 Drawers chest ( two 43 1/4" * 19 5/8" and one 21 5/8 * 19 5/8" ) See more ideas about Ikea room ideas, Home, Home decor. A 3-Piece YPERLIG Nesting Tables ($79.99) complete the decor with its space-saving design. AN EKTORP Footstool ($129) in the center of the room then provides a convenient spot to put your relaxing time’s companions. You j. Oct 20, 2020 - Ikea: design, space planning, color, texture, furniture, small space living, kid-friendly homes, inspiration. Living Room for Green Lovers. Another inspiring IKEA living room with a pretty decoration for your ultimate reference and this one is fully colorized by soft pink. This IKEA living room shows you how to gorgeously decorate a navy living room with the right furniture choices and decor items. In the center of the room, a GAULOV Storage ($99) Table adds a very unique touch. The GURLI  ($4.99) and GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover ($8.99) in black then decorate the sectional stylishly. They are avid, Items: Blue is a popular color during the summer time. A very attractive IKEA living room with yellow domination for a very cheerful atmosphere. Explore our gallery for living room ideas and inspiration for small spaces and large ones. A cute IKEA living room with pastel and neutral color pallet which looks so soothing to the eyes. Three BESTA Shelf Unit is the main ($109) factor that gives a rustic earthy touch with some indoor plants to complete them. If you want to have a pie white living room which doesn’t look too boring, you have to include this IKEA living room to your wishlist right away. An admirable IKEA living room with farmhouse decorating style since lots of rustic and vintage elements decorate it. The sofa is placed beside the window and the bookcase. Click here to see how. A stunning IKEA living room with the emerald green as its main color. Giving a bold statement, a GORSOLE Rug ($19.5) looks so stylish in influencing the overall decoration of this chic living room. makes the room look more decorative while still keeps its basic calming characteristic. A decoratively neutral FAKSE Rug ($239) then neutralizes the room very well. A STOCKSUND Armchair ($599) looks so cozy with its fluffy design which makes the room feels so inviting. All of these keep the fairytale and romance feeling alive in the room. They beautifully flow with the theme of the room. Small Living Room with High Capacity. Then, a TINGBY Side Table on Castors ($39) completes the furniture which also works as a portable convenient storage inside the room. This is a genius design for a small living room. The oversized pendant light also brings out the POP. Loving the organic color schemes in this living room. But liv, IKEA items used: Billy Bookcase Skogsta Bench One pair of MERETE Curtain ($39) blend stunningly with the navy walls of the room. The room feels so relaxing with its nature-inspired vibe and feels so luxurious at once. (You will love to see these: Cheap Living Room Sectionals | Madison Home Reversible Sectional Review). Choosing green one of the main colors of your living room will bring such a freshly comfortable vibe and this IKEA living room is a nice reference for you. They will surely inspire you to make your living room look and feel more inviting. I’m an interior designer in NYC and have 2 clients that wanted to make over their living room dining room. LISABO Accent Table in wood look adds a refreshing natural touch, complementing those indoor plants very well. Yay for the easiest and cheapest way to make custom doors for the BESTÅ. How to turn a few $14.99 (9.99 euro) NESNA Nightstands into nice and modular living room furniture. Contributor May 19, ... Billy Bookcase I’m an interior designer in NYC and have 2 clients that wanted to make over their living room dining room. All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vintage, earthy, warming and rich of patterns are some basic characteristics of such decor. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together, make this living room look brighter and bigger. But, the LIXHULT Storage Combination is ($169) and IVAR 1 Section/shelves ($70) are actually the main storage station here. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. MDF board 130x100cm, 8mm and some smaller parts In this living room, the dark, rustic flooring contrasts with the lighter tones of the contemporary furnishing and the beige-painted wall. How to Install a Hot Water Heater on a Wooden Wall? So those are some inspiring IKEA living room ideas that you can use as the reference when are about to redecorate your very own living room with the right furniture and decor items choice. White earthy neutrals and updated versions of florals gives this living space a fresh and feminine feel. hacks from all over the globe. You can see how the pieces of furniture inside the room create a nicely harmonious look gorgeously. IKEA will always be the best place to go when you want to have your dream living room. Who says that you can’t have a tiny living room with the complete features to enjoy? It has plenty of storages inside which include FJALLBO TV Bench ($159), FJALLBO Shelf Unit ($119), and  FJALLBO Open Shelf Unit ($79.99). An all-white decoration is one of the most popular options today, and this IKEA living room shows how to create a beautiful all-white living room. This living room can be called a white winter wonderland with the lighting, soft textiles, snow globes and decorative paper chains. They are avid ... IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. White and soft sofas, white coffee table really work with the floral and beautiful curtains. Then two KVITSBRO ($69.99) and a GLADOM Tray Table ($24.99) give some convenient spaces to store some stuff. Loving the small bookcase beside the loveseat. Neon Lights: How They Perk up up Your Wedding Ceremony, Tips & Tricks: How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drains with 6 Steps, 15 Impressive Burgundy Curtains For Living Room To Buy, Yellow Living Room Ideas: 25+ Cheerful Cozy Decor with Summer Vibe, 25+ Most Beautiful Turquoise Living Room Ideas with Chic Decors, 30+ Fabulously Chic Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas, Brown Living Room: 25+ Beautifully Cozy Ideas That You’ll Adore. I extremely love decorating, crafting, and exploring things which is meant to realize the real meaning of ‘home sweet home’. Green book shelves, green sofas , green side table and light green painted-wall are featured in this living space. They become more beautiful with the LOHALS Rug  ($119) as the centerpiece in this living room. Giovanni's Mondrian LACK side table ... We used the IKEA KALLAX modules to build a room divider with a desk. Moreover, the INDUSTRIELL Pendant Lamp ($39.99) and SNIDAD Basket (34.99) are the gorgeous additions of the room’s decor. With its dazzling chrome finish, the STOCKHOLM 2017 Floor Lamp ($119), brightens up the atmosphere of the room stunningly. You should pay attention to all the details of your living room to make it as enjoyable as possible. Keep in mind to always create a gorgeously harmonious decoration that everyone would love to enjoy. The red sofas, green chairs and colorful balloons, rainbow throws really pop up this small living space. As a leader in ecological furniture design, IKEA features ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories that are durable and customizable. Look at this example from IKEA. So you like Mondrian? Furthermore, a KRONGE Rug ($379) with its green and yellow pattern harmonize all the elements of the room very well. The floor, walls, and ceiling in this IKEA living room are entirely made of pine which is one of the best inspirations for your rustic taste.