It also freezes beautifully, so why not make two and pop one into the freezer for another day? Nobody's ever complained about having too many desserts on the dessert table. Bundt pans are famous for having intricate folds and carved looking sides which can resemble anything from a blooming rose to a church steeple! And while there's nothing more impressive on a dining room sideboard than a layer cake, baking cakes comes with its own unique set of pitfalls. Most recipes that m… No more gooey centers and burnt outsides!

—Jenn Hall, Collingswood, New JerseyGet RecipeTaste of HomeChocolate-Cherry Brownie CakeMy grandmother taught me the tricks to making this cake, and I've added my own special touches. Great Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love To Cook And Bake! We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. It's fail-proof! —Donna Pochoday, Morristown, New JerseyGet RecipeTaste of HomeRainbow Cake with CloudsSome cakes stand on their own without icing. —Karen Holt, Rock Hill, South CarolinaGet RecipeTaste of HomeMom's Citrus Buttermilk CakeEveryone raves over this lovely lemon cake. My mother passed this recipe down to me. —Shawn Barto, Winter Garden, FloridaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSurprise Carrot CakeA cousin gave me this carrot cake recipe. So I put down just a dish towel to make sure that I didn't do any damage to the countertop and I'm going to do like that.

The idea is to use this technique for recipes that call for cocoa already, whether Dutch or natural, so dust with whichever style the recipe calls for. That's a good rule of thumb, but pretty meaningless when you're staring at a recipe with no way to calculate the total volume of batter it will produce. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Whether you want to try one of the recipes featured here or adapt one of your own favorites, give yourself room to learn—about the recipe itself, the technique, and the pan. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Most Bundts are done when they reach an internal temperature of about 200°F (93°C). Whenever I take it anywhere, everyone raves about it and wants the recipe. Thanks to the molded pans they're baked in, bundt cakes are beautiful when served plain--no complicated frosting job required! Peek under the wire rack and see if the cake has dropped out.

Photo: Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Mary Clayton Carl; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall, The Trick for Keeping a Cake Pan From Overflowing.

Stella Parks is our CIA-trained baking nerd and resident pastry wizard, dubbed one of America's Best New Pastry Chefs by Food & Wine. Jennifer Dalquist: Hi! Once you make the bundt cake, you may be stumped on … Baking & Icing Tips Since Bundt pans make an inverted cake, anything you want baked into the top of the cake must be placed in the pan first. 3) let the pan sit on the moist towel for about half a minute then immediately flip the cake over on a cooling rack. I like to use Bakers Secret, a spray which has oil as well as flour in it. If your Bundt cake begins to crack or fall apart put it back in the pan until it is totally cool.

It's a staple at our family barbecues. Catherine and our Test Kitchen staff always use shortening to grease Bundt pans—yes, even ones with nonstick coating. Some comments may be held for manual review. It's divine with fresh raspberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan, One, Gold, Nordic Ware 00111727 Jubilee Bundt Pan, Metallic, One Size, The Best Part About Mexican-Style Burritos Is You Eat More Than One, How Muffin Pans (and Liners) Can Affect Your Favorite Recipe, We Try Every Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. The Bundt pan allows the cake to bake high while maintaining and even doneness throughout.

Plus, get tips on how to salvage a damaged bundt cake.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes Bundt cakes just don’t come out all in one piece. After a few minutes, I gently scrub the entire pan, inside and out, with a soft washcloth. Refrain from using a knife, as this can tear up the exterior of the cake and scratch the lining of your bundt cake pan. If it happens to be a cake made with chocolate but not cocoa, either will get the job done (but I do find the deep color of Dutch to be especially attractive).

And, well, I grease my Bundt pans with Pam Original. Even with proper greasing, some cakes still stick to the pan. Once you've greased the pan, it's time to flour it.

Add a dusting of confectioners’ sugar for a pretty finishing touch. Credit: It’s always my top choice for holiday dinners. 6) Re-shake the Bundt pan in the flour filled bag if necessary. Now you're ready to add batter to the pan! After unmolding my cake, I let the pan cool until it's comfortable to the touch, then give it a brief soak in a sinkful of hot, soapy water. All the grooves and designs in those pretty Bundt pans can make getting your cake out of there in one piece a challenge. Use fresh, not bottled, lime juice for the glaze. For that reason, most of these companies (and most baking experts) recommend applying melted butter or oil to the pan with a pastry brush, or else using a cooking spray that contains flour. Make sure to get every square inch and crevice of the pan, because your cake is guaranteed to stick to any parts left un-greased.