The height of the building is 1970 feet (around 600 m). Big Ben is a famous landmark of London located at the Palace of Westminster’s northern end. The Zytglogge is a heritage of national significance. The clock tower contains the Clock Tower Museum that occupies the top four floors of the tower. A, Tallest town hall clock tower in UK. [6] The complex was built after the demolition of the Ajyad Fortress, the 18th-century Ottoman citadel on top of a hill overlooking the Grand Mosque. 12th tallest freestanding clock tower. [4] It is the world's second most expensive building with the total cost of construction totalling US$15 billion. The highest floor in The Jewel is the Control Tower Floor, which was planned to be used for controlling air traffic in the sky above Mecca (mainly helicopters as airplanes are not allowed near Mecca). ", Destruction of early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, List of buildings with 100 floors or more, List of tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia, "Makkah Royal Clock Tower - The Skyscraper Center", "Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel - The Skyscraper Center", "Clock tower museum in Makkah thrown open to visitors", "Revealed: The world's 20 most expensive buildings", "Made in Germany geht immer weitere Wege", "9 modern architectural wonders of the Mideast",, "Best Luxury Hotel Makkah - Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower", "Abraj Al Bait Marwah Tower - The Skyscraper Center", "Abraj Al Bait Maqam Tower - The Skyscraper Center", "Abraj Al Bait Qibla Tower - The Skyscraper Center", "Giant Mecca clock seeks to call time on Greenwich", "Saudis Want 'Mecca Time' to Replace GMT", "تصنيع هلال برج ساعة مكة في دبي - البيان", "World's largest gold minaret set up in Saudi", ‘Shame of the House of Saud: Shadows over Mecca’,, Guiyang International Financial Center Tower 1, Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre Tower 1, Abenobashi Terminal Building Skyscraper (Abeno Harukas), List of architects of supertall buildings,, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Hajar Tower Makkah, Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana - Makkah Hotel, This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 10:30. There were reports that the clock would be set to local Mecca Time, in an attempt to replace the IERS Reference Meridian as the prime meridian for global time keeping, but the clock is set to Arabia Standard Time (UTC+03:00).[18][19]. The developer and contractor of the complex is the Saudi Binladin Group, the Kingdom's largest construction company. The clock's four faces are covered with 98 million pieces of glass mosaics.