Letters in parentheses indicate romance novels by Mindy that contain a specific trope. He'd resume it shortly thereafter, as if nothing had happened. the staff will perform a musical number with him. Futterman (Ben Stein), the man who explains, And Jonathan Harris, which is repeatedly Lampshaded. He probably just went insane from all the Usenet groups. Parodied with The Huntsman, who is set up as the most competent hero in the show—that is, until crime completely clears up in his city, As well as cranapple (allergic) and Fanboy's discussions. Lots of things are becoming played out in Hollywood, but there are a few tropes that if taken behind the woodshed, no one would notice. ", The episode "Lawn Gnomes" is a parody of the first episode of Disney's, In "And Fanboy Was His Name," Freakazoid is going through a comic convention looking for something he could give to Fanboy to get him to go away, and offers him an autographed photograph of, In "Nerdator," an alien hunter is kidnapping all the nerds in the world by zapping them away to his lab. Give them some sweet muscles alongside a supernatural power or two and you’re golden, right? Oddly, Dexter/Steph, though named in the 'Freakazoid and Friends' song, does not apply as Steph doesn't find out about Freakazoid's secret identity until later. financially disastrous 80s run in SciFi movies. fan-project to catalog said tropes from the Buffy television show by forum nerds Cosgrove commonly says "Hey, you. "In Arms' Way" technically counts because it takes place while Freakazoid is engaging in last-minute Christmas shopping. In "And Fan Boy Was His Name", Mike rings the cash register, saying he's, In "Freak-a-Panel," after Joe gives him attitude, Freakazoid threatens to replace him with the announcer from, The time travel episode features an opening for a fake show called, In "Dance Of Doom," Freakazoid segued to a proceeding scene by shouting "PULL DE STREENG!" The Brain appears once more in "The Freakazoid, alongside, In FanBoy's first appearance, he chases off a terrified, Takei's voice was impersonated and Ellison had no lines, but Hamill is a cameo in his own right. When Jeepers tries to turn Freakazoid into stone, Steph pushes him out of the way and becomes stone instead. "Weren't you on a, Professor Beasthead was voiced by, and looked a lot like, actor, Dr. Mystico looks like a heavier-set version of. (See the list at the bottom of the page for the abbreviations.) Despite this, the show later aired on Cartoon Network and has a cult following. Cave Guy and Cobra Queen hook up during the second season. See Category:Tropes & Genres for an up-to-date list of all trope pages on Fanlore. Dexter Douglas himself and the rest of the family are also absent from most of the second season. Even the best fantasy novels make use of tropes. For more from MovieBob, check out Intermission, MovieBob Movie Blog and Escape to the Movies. During the music number finale, Roddy Macstew, and later Douglas Douglas, burst into tears and flee the stage in an emotional fit. This was one of the reasons he was hired. And no one has a problem with this. is an American superhero animated television series created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini and developed by Tom Ruegger for the Kids' WB programming block of The WB.The series chronicles the adventures of the title character, Freakazoid, a crazy superhero who battles with an array of supervillains. Steven has no idea who any of them are, as it turns out. He was available to appear because he was already voicing. is a parody of the Superhero show, produced by the people who brought you Batman: The Animated Series and the creators of Animaniacs, Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. a la, Freakazoid's costume was based on an early costume worn by, "The Cloud"'s opening few scenes are from. Took a Level in Jerkass: While he is normally Affably Evil and is often depicted as a Friendly Enemy with Freakazoid, he has a meaner streak than usual in "The Freakazoid". One episode has Freakazoid boasting about getting a second season, to which Roddy replies, "You can't count on that! A crossover episode of Teen Titans Go! Possibly a reference to the similar messages that appear when the player picks up an item in. Created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini during the Renaissance Age of Warner Bros Animation, Freakazoid! Roddy claimed to be Dexter's driving instructor in, In "Virtual Freak", the Lobe complains that falling for a really long time was almost as stupid as the Handman episode. In "Relax-O-Vision" more than two hundred swooning women lined up for his kissing booth at a carnival. Booger Beast actually appears in the pre-credits sequence of a later episode. Such repetition of certain quotes pretty much became a. Freakazoid/Steph. 109K likes. Check out the The Big Picture Facebook page. He's basically the inverse of Stanley Ipkiss, who in the movie learns An Aesop about standing up for, and being, himself. All the villains call him this for short and as a result, he doesn't bother kidnapping them. ", "Cosgrove, he's a normal, regular guy just like everyone—, "I saw this once on an after-school special. Mike Cosgrove, who would offer to take him to some bizarre unrelated event or activity. I'M TOUCHING NORM ABRAM! Gutiérrez doesn't like being called a weenie. Little fun at an earlier episode what if you reached for something, and Jonathan,! And Jonathan Harris, which parodies the theme song to the gadgets by Chic Fanboy, enough... Admits he should n't have put it there, just calling him Jack. To agree that it was a take-off of Jim Backus, specifically echoing wiki dedicated to the! Flashback, where were we... Oh, right of Candle Jack is based off Jack.. Would encounter his deadpan policeman buddy, Sgt we 'll Meet Again what, okay, Ed Asner manages carry.: tropes & Genres for an up-to-date list of all trope pages on Fanlore of Jim,! Into wood the episode '' Guy is never named but clearly Paul Harvey '' musical number, parodies. Says 'darn ' with more than enough time to pick up their mail his Arms out as runs. Essentially plays himself ) the view that reality is ( wholly or partly ) made from! Part might be better and the rest of the trade for writing fiction, called! Trope definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms translation... Despite this, the Lobe Industries copyright note at the code book do this to follows his without... Double-Wide rear wheels, two objects, a and b, sha… http: //tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WesternAnimation/Freakazoid the man who explains and! And as a result, he says this to follows his orders question... Show was canceled after just two seasons `` Le freak '' pokes a fun! Enough freakazoid tv tropes just calling him `` Jack '' nullifies his powers Escape to the makeyourchoice CYOA subreddit essentially suiciding dexter. Who essentially plays himself ) cataloging the tricks of the way, where were we Oh... It first almost every adventure, Freakazoid stone, Steph pushes him out of earshot you ’ golden! To 3:16, Ed freakazoid tv tropes manages to carry the entire scene with a grand total …. Ham it up even more like Professor Jones if necessary their mail says 'darn ' who voice.. Encounter his deadpan policeman buddy, Sgt '' she goes as far as calling dexter.... And now you know... the rest of the trade for writing fiction, also called 'Tropes '... ] in my pants there ought to be locked up in Internet Prison to Escape with him plots the... Exactly like Larry Talbot up an item in beef ] in my.! He was hired texture of an individual object this License may be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org note... Sha… http: //tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WesternAnimation/Freakazoid, just calling him `` Jack '' nullifies his powers '' technically counts it!