The hardest part is resisting the delicious treat while it sets in the fridge! Then I break the chocolate into pieces (actually I never do this, my kids do), I place the pieces in the glass bowl and give them a stir occasionally until they are fully melted. Rocky Road is one of my all time favourite desserts and I will never turn one down (even on a diet!). Line a large baking tin with tin foil and set to one side. I am linking this recipe up with Brilliant Blog Posts, Cook Blog Share and Recipe of the Week. Note: Don’t worry if you can’t cut perfect Rocky Road slices…..I can’t either!!! Leave until completely cooled. Nutrition: per serving (with raisins) Nutrient. It originated in Australia, apparently as a way to sell spoiled confectionery like nuts, disguising them with the chocolate flavour. Rocky road is one of those things that everyone loves, is fun to customise and easy to do (unless you're me, in which case it takes you three attempts, but I'll get on to that in a minute). ), * % Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. [GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED], How to buy and cook lamb: tips from a local butcher with over 25 years’ experience ». The mix of dark and milk chocolate make them perfect in flavour and very rich! So impressed how good these are with just 5 INGREDIENTS! Once melted, take the chocolate bowl off the heat. Member recipes are not tested in the GoodFood kitchen. 5 Crunchie Bar (multipack size) The ultimate cheats “bake” – it requires no baking and just minutes to make. Stir until everything is covered in the melted chocolate, but do not over-stir as we do not want a smooth mixture! Use the rolling pin to crush the biscuits until they are in small pieces. Far less faff than bowls of water! Life’s busy enough already at the moment…and much as I’d love to, I neither have the time or the energy to construct some kind of towering Easter masterpiece. These are great Dan! This is absolutely great to make with little ones – so many fun activities. Add your butter and golden syrup into the bowl, and stir into the chocolate until the mixture is glossy. I recommend the size of a 20p coin. Add in the smaller ingredients, like marshmallows and stir. This delicious spin on the traditional rocky road combines the dreamy flavour of white chocolate with the tart sweetness of strawberries and cranberries. This means that I had to use plain chocolate for this recipe, but to be honest, I'm not mad about it. Because the first two times, my chocolate seized into thick, gritty messes and I couldn't save it. It’s crunchy, creamy and irresistible! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But today I am sharing an even easier Easter treat: my easy peasy Mini Egg Rocky Road. This is an easy Rocky Road recipe that requires no baking and just 5 ingredients! Ahh yes, who doesn’t love a good Rocky Road? Why? Malteser addict? Festive Rocky Roads. Good Food Deal