If something goes wrong, they can hope for a loophole or a restriction to help them. Generally, the gap size should be selected based on how much shrinkage/bowing/settling is anticipated. Having said that, however, there is still a chance, with our design and practical experience, we can downsize your home and reduce the cost — and keep most of what you want.

We believe it is important to learn the layout techniques and mechanics behind each individual notch to truly master the art of dovetailing. Long lengths up to 40 feet and/or diameters up to 24 inches available. The short answer: That is as impossible to answer as the question: “How much does a car cost?” But, still, it’s a question that is on everyone’s mind, so we’ll take a stab at it. Otherwise, it will probably split later which could occur over an underlying gap and cause a leak. The cost per log worked out to about $20 each. To schedule a home tour, and for free literature, simply call 800-247-4442 and ask to speak to a professional project manager.

A common roof is constructed over the both pens and the in-begtween space. Consult an architect or engineer for structural design. Having said all that: you might expect to spend $170-250 per square foot for a nicely-appointed log or timber frame home in a medium-construction-cost area. Recess it about 1/2". The rough faces absorb more stain which gives a nice weathered look. When you do — then that is your company. Smaller homes tend to be higher per square foot and larger homes tend to be smaller per square foot. We have led our industry in technical innovation and excellence for decades. We can help you work on that. Here the gable logs are going in. Nearly all of the permanent, long-lasting log homes shared the common characteristics of logs hewn flat on the sides, joined at the corners with a dovetail-type notch, and chinked between the logs. (Only one corner of the cabin will bear directly on a rock, the other three will need short lengths of 7x7 columns). Let’s face it: their lawyers wrote the thing. (The face of the log that will be on the inside of the cabin. The board foms a ledge for couse #2. At Hearthstone, we can respond to many different design ideas from our clients. A log home reflects the definitive American soul:  the sweat, blood, self-reliance, ingenuity, pride, and unbreakable commitment to doing what must be done. We can’t make the costs go away and neither can anyone else. Note that only the first course is a double layer. We don’t think that anybody ever will. CAD solid modeling software offers the latest in 3D modeling so complex designs can be viewed in three dimensions prior to manufacturing. The picture below shows preparation for cutting the window opening in the back wall. We are blessed with an unmatched ability to create any imaginable style of custom, luxury, hand crafted log or heavy timber home or commercial structure. Note how these are not uniform in height.