(this means you want/need to do a favor for the other person in the future) Common phrases to respond to thank you: No problem. Now we can’t pay for the bus home.”. This is such a simple explanation of common idioms! To native speakers, it sounds very strange to say “Yes” or “Thank you” because the question is a suggestion, not an offer. This is a more polite version of “Wanna hand with that.” It’s a direct offer of help and can be used in most situations (formal or informal). A day after tomorrow are my exams starting and the first is English . This is a guest post by Gabriel Clark. IT WAS GOOD TO LEARN ABOUT SOME GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FROM THIS WEBSITE.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING THIS WONDERFUL IDEA OF IDIOMS. i don,t know what to measure on feelings please keep it up. In English (especially in England), it’s always good to be indirect, and to say “sorry.” This “softens” the interruption. I then put on my coat and leave the house. “By taking my dad on holiday, I killed two birds with one stone. “If only I hadn’t spent all our money on shoes. Keep it up the good work. it make improve my knowledge, those were interesting idiom and phrase. J) Jane is just never on time to work, it’s really annoying. this site really helps me to learn English.thanks, lots founder of this site, It is good for doing holiday homework. I then catch the bus back home and spend a couple of hours relaxing before I cook dinner. I pack my bag with all my teaching materials. Giving advice. I’m Helen, originally from and still living in England. And it’s in English. E) I don’t really like going out to bars anymore. I won’t be able to pay my rent! Article related: How to ask questions in English. Helps me with my school work! 19 motivational quotes to keep you learning English, English grammar help: key questions to help guess the meaning of words, Get it right: while, during and throughout, 10 most famous English song lyrics ever – and their meaning, 15 most common English idioms and phrases. Most of the English idioms you hear are offering advice’s but also contain some underlying principles and values. Copyright© 1996 - 2018 © EF Education First Group. D) Yeah, it’ll _______. https://basicenglishspeaking.com/100-common-phrases-and-sentence-patterns I owe you one. There are lots of different types of English constructions used in describing a day, including many phrasal verbs like: ‘tidy up’, ‘wash up’, and ‘get up’. Use this with the old lady and her shopping bags. Answers: 6, 8, 5, 10, 4, 9, 11, 12, 14, 2, 3, 1, 13, 15, 7. ‘Call it a day’ – Stop working on something. This blog is all about common English to Urdu expressions. M) OK, she might not be the most attractive but _________. We can use the positive form to talk about the opposite (when we DIDN’T do something in the past, and we feel bad because of NOT doing it). Common English Expressions and Daily Use English Sentences 1. Every culture has different rules about it. I walk to the bus stop. Would I be able to use the information you gave and the quiz listed for my 5th and 6th grade students? Talking about time 7. The classic is “you should.” But this can start to sound boring if you use it again and again. It’s very great and important also I can have a new idioms when I have a word with someone so thank you so much. “I shouldn’t have eaten all those free cakes. This phrase is stronger. O) I can’t believe that was our test. ‘The elephant in the room’ – A matter or problem that is obvious of great importance but that is not discussed openly. THIS IS VERY SIMPLE AND UNDERASTABLE, I FELT REALLY EASY TO GET WITH IT. Below are 100 common English phrases and sentence patterns that are much used in daily life. Basic English Sentences Used In Daily Life | flashcards and pdf, Frequently Used English Sentences in Daily Life | Flashcards and pdf. In order to introduce these phrases, let me take you through a typical day in my life. 20. Article related: 19 motivational quotes to keep you learning English. 18. What you need is these 21 useful phrases to keep in your pocket so you can deal with common situations in English like a pro. Thanks Wil. “They really cut corners when they built this bathroom; the shower is leaking.”, 12. ‘Let someone off the hook’ – To allow someone, who have been caught, to not be punished. I make a cup of tea and iron my clothes. ‘The best of both worlds’ – means you can enjoy two different opportunities at the same time. English speakers use this phrase to talk about ideas, so a positive response is “Good idea!”. key phrases that are useful to learn in English. I get off the bus and walk to the school where I teach English. This is really a good one and yea you made it a “piece of cake” for me. I get up at 6.50. I think it will help me a lot in creative writings. Don’t forget to try and use these idioms and phrases when practicing your English. “The English test was a piece of cake.”. “By working part-time and looking after her kids two days a week she managed to get the best of both worlds.”, 2. ALLAH per yaqeen rakho . Thanks a lot! She really does have ______. Part time work can be partial days or whole days. “I only go to the cinema once in a blue moon.”, 5. 22. Some of them are for the big mistakes, some for the small ones. “I thought this no-brand bread would be horrible; turns out you can’t judge a book by its cover.”, 14. this lesson was very good, well planned and understandable. Or do you always use the same phrase for the same situation again and again? 19. Or was it just a silly, little accident? ‘Let the cat out of the bag’ – to accidentally reveal a secret. Thanks so much, you’re right. L) Wow, she found her dream man and has now landed an amazing job.