I’m Swasthi shreekanth, the recipe developer, food photographer & food writer behind Swasthis recipes. Coconut in any form if consumed in moderation is healthy and said to rejuvenate the mind and body. it also includes a few recipes that has coconut as one of its ingredient. Kue are popular snacks in Indonesia, which has the largest variety of kue. Coconut milk rice or coconut milk pulao is made with coconut milk and one can find many recipes of this dish. Indonesian cuisine is a collection of various regional culinary traditions that formed the archipelagic nation of Indonesia. Coconut recipes – Collection of 30 easy coconut recipes using fresh and dry coconut. Betawi cuisine is rich, diverse and eclectic, in part because the Betawi people that create them were composed from numbers of regional immigrants that came from various places in the archipelago, as well as Chinese, Indian, Arab, and European traders, visitors and immigrants that were attracted to the port city of Batavia since centuries ago. Traditionally this was made in a stone mortar and a hand pestle. Mildly flavored with the aroma of curry leaves, ginger and dals, this rice tastes delicious and can be served alone or with some gravy, curd, papad or pickle. Coconut oats recipe – Healthy and delicious rolled oats recipe for breakfast or a meal. Most of the fat is saturated fat. In Bhatkal, puttu is served with side dishes such as ghee and sugar or Paya. Coconut dishes. Malay cuisine is the cooking tradition of ethnic Malays of Southeast Asia, residing in modern-day Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Southern Thailand and the Philippines. However most people enjoy this with a vegetable gravy or a kurma curry. Serve it alone or with plain yogurt. It is one of the most popular and ubiquitous Filipino desserts served during celebrations and fiestas. Different Malay regions are all known for their unique or signature dishes — Terengganu and Kelantan for their Nasi dagang, Nasi kerabu and Keropok lekor, Negeri Sembilan for its lemak-based dishes, Pahang and Perak for their gulai tempoyak, Kedah for its northern-style Asam laksa, Malacca for its spicy Asam Pedas, Riau for their ikan patin dishes; Gulai ikan patin and Asam Pedas ikan patin, Melayu Deli of Medan North Sumatra for their Nasi goreng teri Medan and Gulai Ketam and Brunei for its unique Ambuyat dish. This can also be made using any seasonal fruit. It can also be used as a sandwich spread. Coconut recipes - Collection of 30 easy coconut recipes using fresh and dry coconut. These are mostly made during festivals and celebrations. Copra ladoo – These are made with dried coconut,jaggery and cardamoms. These energy balls are rich in calcium and iron. Stuffed fish wrapped in leafy vegetables, Rice cake made with glutinous rice and coconut milk wrapped in leaves, Taro leaves with shrimp, fish, and coconut meat, Meat in a black stew of coconut milk, burnt coconut meat, and various spices, Dessert made from mashed purple yam with sweetened coconut milk or dairy milk, A gelatin-like pudding flavored with coconut milk, A type of food in Javanese cuisine prepared with rice and, A candy. This is a list of coconut dishes and foods that use coconut as a primary ingredient. Halo-halo, also spelled haluhalo, is a popular Filipino cold dessert which is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients including, among others, ube, sweetened beans, coconut strips, sago, gulaman, pinipig rice, boiled root crops in cubes, fruit slices, flan, and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Condensed milk coconut ladoo – These are made with just 3 ingredients – Desiccated coconut, condensed milk and cardamom powder. These are prepared often in South Indian homes to accompany their meal along with Sambar or Rasam. Mango chutney with coconut to serve with snacks and breakfast foods. Bibingka is also found in Christian communities in eastern Indonesia. Puttu is served hot with sweet side dishes such as palm sugar or banana, or with curries such as dal, chickpea, mutton, fish or chicken. After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help people cook better & more often at home. The term coconut can refer to the entire coconut palm or the seed, or the fruit, which, botanically, is a drupe, not a nut. Looking for coconut milk, oil or flour recipes? Dessert soup made from sweetened coconut milk, glutinous rice, fruits, and various root crops, Maguindanaon dish of chicken in coconut milk, cumin, curry, chilli and lemongrass, Moist cake made from grated cassava, coconut milk, and condensed milk with a custard layer on top, Confection made from coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour, Generic term for entrées or desserts simmered in coconut milk, Dessert gruel made from sweet corn and glutinous rice in coconut milk, Dessert gruel made from glutinous rice and mung beans, Chicken cooked in coconut milk or cream with banana, River crabs in taro leaves and coconut milk, A sticky sweet delicacy made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice, Fish stew with coconut milk, garlic, red onions, tomatoes, fermented black beans, chilis, and sour fruits, Filipino adaptation with glutinous rice of Spanish. Filipino boiled corn desert topped with freshly grated coconut, butter, and salt (or sugar). Glutinous rice is a type of rice grown mainly in Southeast and East Asia and the eastern parts of South Asia, which has opaque grains, very low amylose content, and is especially sticky when cooked. This is mostly served with some gravy side dish. We have those, too. It is made of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut shavings, sometimes with a sweet or savory filling on the inside. Buko salad, usually anglicized as young coconut salad, is a Filipino fruit salad dessert made from strips of fresh young coconut (buko) with sweetened milk or cream and various other ingredients. The style of food making and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries from their Austronesian origins to a mixed cuisine of Indian, Chinese, Spanish and American influences, in line with the major waves of influence that had enriched the cultures of the archipelago, as well as others adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate. Puttu or pittu is a breakfast dish eaten in the South Indian states of mainly in Kerala, but also in Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka, as well as Sri Lanka. This chutney tastes great with any snacks, breakfast foods like idli, vada and dosa. Rendang is on the left side of the plate in the image. Dessert is a course that concludes a meal. The term coconut can refer to the entire coconut palm or the seed, or the fruit, which, botanically, is a drupe, not a nut. Coconut milk with a dash of saffron and onion, usually used for gravy with String-hoppers, Sri Lankan pancake made with coconut milk, Jasmine scented coconut pudding set in cups of fragrant, Generally milder than other Thai curries, it traditionally includes dried, Banana simmered in honey and coconut milk, Molugootal (sometimes used in conjunction with fresh grated coconut to enhance flavour), Paal-Appam (sweetened coconut milk in the center of the Aapam for taste), Puttu (Steam cake) Grated coconut is mixed with rice powder for taste, This page was last edited on 15 March 2020, at 16:44. Indian (Goan and Konkani cuisine in Karnataka, and Maharashtra), Jeanne Jacob, Michael Ashkenazi The World Cookbook for Students, Volume 1 Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007 - 296 pages, Jamaica in Slavery and Freedom: History, Heritage, and Culture - Google Books, Jamaica: A Visitor's Guide - Harry S. 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Browse over 1,790 recipes using fresh or shredded coconut complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips. However, a majority of mainstream Filipino dishes that compose Filipino cuisine are from the cuisines of the various ethnolinguistic groups and tribes of the archipelago, including the Ilocano, Pangasinan, Kapampangan, Tagalog, Bicolano, Visayan, Chavacano and Maranao ethno-linguistic groups. Used as an ingredient in. A wide variety of rice cakes exist in many different cultures in which rice is eaten, and are particularly prevalent in Asia. This is a list of coconut dishes and foods that use coconut as a primary ingredient. It is widely consumed across Asia. Filipino cuisine is composed of the cuisines of more than a hundred distinct ethno-linguistic groups found throughout the Philippine archipelago. Tender coconut fig smoothie is a delicious, creamy and healthy smoothie recipe. The color and rich taste of the milk can be attributed to the high oil content. Common variations include cakes made with rice flour, those made from ground rice, and those made from whole grains of rice compressed together or combined with some other binding substance. My aim is to help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested recipes. Sweet steamed delicacy made from mashed giant taro corms, condensed milk, sugar, coconut milk, and egg yolks. For dishes prepared with coconut milk, see, Kumut – a thick aromatic coconut cream in Indonesian cuisine. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You may like to check potato kurma, chicken kurma & Egg kurma. Coconut and coconut milk are both used as a garnish in several traditional dishes across Bihar, Eastern U.P., Uttaranchal and Bundelkhand. The term coconut can refer to the entire coconut palm or the seed, or the fruit, which, botanically, is a drupe, not a nut. Kue is an Indonesian bite-sized snack or dessert food. In some parts of the world, such as much of central and western Africa, and most parts of China, there is no tradition of a dessert course to conclude a meal. Coconut burfi is another sweet recipe which was traditionally made by evaporating milk for long and then adding sugar & coconut. A rice cake may be any kind of food item made from rice that has been shaped, condensed, or otherwise combined into a single object that has also been sweetened. In the modern days this is made using electric blenders. Cassava cake is a traditional Filipino moist cake made from grated cassava, coconut milk, and condensed milk with a custard layer on top. Kurma recipe : Kurma is a South Indian gravy dish made with spices, fresh coconut and a main ingredient. Coconut ladoo are traditional South Indian sweet balls made using fresh coconut, sugar or jaggery, cardamom powder and milk. This cake has been one of our family favorites for years. These recipes are made with almost every vegetable and are very simple to make. The content is copyrighted to SWASTHI'S and may not be reproduced in any form. All the coconut recipes are very simple and can be tried even by beginners. Chocolate coconut cake made with desiccated coconut, cocoa & other basic baking ingredients.