Bought with seals of the Deep. So, it’s not worth it to upgrade an uncommon companion this way if the AD to Zen rate is at 750 AD/ZEN. Critical Strike and Critical Severity can improve your damage by more than 50% if your Critical Strike is capped and you have a Critical Severity of 100% or higher. And that’s about it. "Blimey! The way the tank will move is crucial to the fight. The middle pedestral makes the user deal more damage against adds but less against the boss. Doomsayer : 10% more damage for 10s after using an encounter that inflicts a negative condition (Geas, Chains of Blazing Light Break the Spirit, Prophecy of Doom ? Ring of Fallen Power +4 (1050 ilvl) : 8400 Critical Avoidance, 12600 Critical Strike, on hitting a foe, gain 435 Power for 4s (stacks 10 times). That’s also a ratio of 5 HP for 1 power, which is pretty good. She will ask you to collect resonances in Runic Encounters (the big coloured bubbles you’ve seen around Undermountain) and a Runic Resonator. Third boss : now, this is the tough one. Problem is : they are not always displayed properly. Upgrading your workshop will let you recruit more artisans, better artisans, and will make the delivery box bigger. Tailoring requires a Needle, which are made by Jewelcrafters. The point is : while Healing Word is not a great healing power, it can still be used situationally (mostly when people are scattered around). Take your time and keep your powers for scorpions. Replenish Divinity with Conflagrate and Channel Divinity between two rotations. So you are going for full dexterity and intelligence to deal more damage. That may also be the place where you will put an artifact to complete a set with your neck and waist items. Mount speed usually depends on the mount quality. Just run whatever dungeon you like the most that drop them. I advise unlocking masterwork 1 on many characters to be able to use more morale on early masterwork materials. You need 10 resonances of the same type to be able to make one Crystalized Resonance (on the altars at the start of any expedition). Also triggers Persistent Guardian if you have the feat. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. . Is he simply gone from the game or is there a place he goes after everyone is dead? But I didn’t do the maths, so I’m probably off a bit. It is obviously best to put 6 points in the 2 ability scores that matter the most for you. . ", "This whole place's falling apart, once again...", "I owe this to you. As a healer, I always take the left one so that dps can focus on hitting the boss and tank doesn’t have anything to worry about (they take the middle one). You will need tons of materials. The best tools you can craft are Cobalt+1 tools which give your artisans a 575 proficiency and focus bonus. We got your back, fellow hoonter! There are 3 different items with each of these names. Hatchets and Scythes are made by Blacksmiths. It can only be triggered once every 3 minutes though. Healing is not safe during this phase, better wait for it to end before landing a Bastion of Health. It will save you very often, from very bad situations. He has one really huge arm … Avoid the ice, do not hit it. The legendary mount powers are usually twice as good as the epic mount powers (though it’s not worth it to buy a legendary mount for their mount power unless you have upgraded everything else before). The Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue is a good little trick for those who are not VIP rank 7 (only use it when soloing, you can’t change it that easily because of the cooldown). Infernal Forged Hide gives ‘leader’s guard’ gain 1000 armor for each player in your team, not 1000 power. These will continue appearing during the whole fight. buying 1 rank 13 bonding stone (from rank 9) or upgrading Polar bear cub from rare to legendary? The Enhancement power (unlocked at blue quality, lvl 30) gives 1k bonus to 3 stats of your companion… Which translates to a 3.1k bonus to these stats for you (with rank 15 bonding runestones). You do not need one. If the whole group is targeted, everyone should regroup on a single tile (preferably one in a corner, which is already damaged). There are regularly sales in the Zen Market, especially on the Anniversary (june), on Black Friday (november), and from time to time on other occasions. This is why it’s not a good idea to have different characters specialise in different crafts for masterwork. Potent Precision is better than Potency by a solid margin, even with relatively low Critical Strike. You only have to beat 5 encounters in your Stronghold for a maximum of 400 Influence (doubled during double influence events). On my second playthrough I bought the dlc, so I made a strength/arcane build and blazed through every boss in 1 try. Items for Clerics come from Artificing (weapons) and Armorsmithing (armor). My Cleric may hate you for not picking Lathander (Amaunator), you heretic ! To get there, from the Vallenhas main campfire inside the Stronghold (where you spawn when you teleport to Vallenhas), look on your left. The main thing is to stay very close together so that you can easily escape the big aoes and they are not all over the place. They are not hard, but it’s easy to mess things up if you do not know what to do. Dragon Souls are the mechanic that will protect you and your party from Tiamat’s Breaths. The dragon soul protection is a small aoe. Tips for a new guy. Best races for a Devout Cleric : Dragonborn (premium), Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn (premium), Wood Elf, Human, Menzoberranzan Renegade (premium), Drow, Dwarf, Half-Orc, Half-Elf. While leveling, the most important things to get are an augment companion, proper companion gear, and rank 9 bonding runestones. They should move away, because it will leave aoe’s which deal damage to those who stay inside. After the boulder phase, rush to the entrance gate and stay together. The thing is to start with 2 Burning and 2 Divine Judgement (which you can build before a fight with Sun Burst and Daunting Light), so that your divinity fully replenishes in the middle of your FF/DL rotation, to maximize the damage output of Prophecy of Doom. The Broken Metal Rod can be found in nodes everywhere in Neverwinter. Traveller’s Treasure is not fantastic but it helps getting daily RAD. There’s a timer and a sound that tells you when it’s available again, but it’s easy to miss when in the middle of a fight. So, get a Deepcrow Hatchling before even thinking about getting a Bulette Pup or any other “best in slot” companion. If you have the Gathering Light feat, as long as the Battle Prayer feat was not triggered, the cast time is extended to 3s, and the heal will target everyone around the marked player. But the best rewards are the Alabaster weapon set, and +% damage gear. But you also have to remember you can only stack 2 of the Ranged Powers buffs, the others do not stack with each other. The Infernal Forged Scalemail is interesting if you need the Defense, but not as good as the Stealer of the Star’s Hides. You can refine up to 100k RAD to Astral Diamonds (AD), the main currency of the game. Other items are good to start with, but not best in slot. That said, Proficiency and Focus matter too. That saves divinity. The best Equip Powers at epic quality are : The best Equip Powers at legendary quality are : HP are very valuable, especially when your defense is capped (and you need to cap defense). It sure heals the whole group… But Healing Word does that 7 times better for 2.2 times the divinity cost. Descent into Avernus is an end game campaign. Yes, they are absolutely fantastic, and an absolute priority for everyone. Geas : reducing the target’s damage by 5% may be useful. That is very useful when crafting masterwork items for which you do not have a 100% chance of success. he's a particularly easy boss, just don't give up! Second boss : the hardest one, to some extent. Everywhere else, the Lion Guard’s Restoration Coif will always be best. If anything had to be scaled down, there should just be a cap on Power. But Deathly Rage is more powerful, for sure ! From time to time, it will deal some damage and bump those behind it : this is very manageable. You can also get Retraining Tokens from the Zen Market (100 Zen each). you can simply move on one side of the monster, or away from the monster, to avoid the attack entirely, Viperion’s healbot (Devout Cleric) updated for mod 18, companion equipment + rings (combined rating), Adventurer’s Knapsack (18 slots), in the Blacklake District, Embroidered Bag of Holding (12 slots), at the end of the Intro Campaign : The Staff of Savras, Adventurer’s Pack (12 slots), in the Neverdeath Graveyard, Skirmishes, at item level 14k, which reward 6000 RAD + a bit more in chests, Trials, at item level 16k, which reward 34k RAD + 7500 for role bonus + a lot more in chests, Epic Dungeons, at item level 17k, which reward 23k RAD + 5000 for role bonus + some more in chests, An uncommon augment companion (Cat or Watler are very cheap), 965 item level companion gear (charred, barbed, cracked, or imperial quartz) with Armor Penetration, Accuracy, and Critical Strike as main stats, and Defense + 2 others as secondary stats, a rare Spider mount for the Wanderer’s Fortune insignia bonus, Enemy Ratings + 50k for : Armor Penetration, Defense, Critical Strike (when hitting things), Critical Avoidance, Deflect, and Awareness, Enemy Ratings + 60k for : Accuracy (Clerics require 10k more than the others, who only need 50k + ER, due to a General Power that gives them 10k more points which diminish as stamina goes down), Enemy Ratings + 65k for : Critical Avoidance (Clerics and Paladins require 10k more than the others, who only need 55k + ER, due to a General Power that gives them 10k more points which diminish as divinity goes down), Enemy Ratings + 100k for : Combat Advantage, 1.25 times power for : Critical Strike (when healing), 57k / 67k / 72k / 107k in random dungeons (but your stats are scaled down there, more info in the tab), 60k / 70k / 75k / 110k in the Undermountain campaign area and Stronghold, 68k / 78k / 83k / 118k in the Lair of the Mad Mage dungeon (LoMM), 80k / 90k / 95k / 130k in the Tower of the Mad Mage trial (ToMM), 85k / 95k / 100k / 135k in the mod 18 area (Vallenhas) and dungeon (The Infernal Citadel), 90k / 100k / 105k / 140k in the mod 19 area (Avernus Wastes) and trial (Zariel’s Challenge), Armor Penetration caps at opponent’s Defense stat, Defense caps at opponent’s Armor Penetration stat + 50k, Critical Strike caps at opponent’s Critical Avoidance stat + 50k, Critical Avoidance caps at opponent’s Critical Strike stat, Deflect caps at opponent’s Accuracy stat + 50k, Combat Advantage caps at opponent’s Awareness stat +100k, Awareness caps at opponent’s Combat Advantage stat, Geas : decreases the damage of the target by 5% for 6s with a 20s cooldown.