Performing theatre groups include the Rainbow Youth Theatre and the Courtenay Little Theatre. In 1861, Lieutenant Richard Mayne of the Royal Navy visited the area and wrote of the rich agricultural prospects of the area, saying it had taken him a day and a half to walk over the land "through which a plough might be driven from end to end". [68], Courtenay is home to the largest North Island College Campus with approximately 1,669 students enrolled in credit classes and an additional 1,393 enrolled in short term or vocational courses. The earthquake was felt as far north as Prince Rupert and as far south as Portland, Oregon. [58], Within the Comox Valley BC Ferries has two terminals, one in Little River, Comox, and the other south of Courtenay in Buckley Bay. Drake's detailed logs — and the exact location of Nova Albion — were later lost in a 17th-century fire, but some historians believe Drake made a landing in the Courtenay River estuary. Household garbage & recycling information for Courtenay residents via mobile or web app. [20] Tourism has also been steadily increasing and has now become a vital part of the Comox Valley economy. The average household income is $59,136, which is 16% less than the BC average and 18% lower than the Canadian average. The popular Courtenay Riverway is one of our community's most popular and scenic attractions. The City of Courtenay does not make any assurance that translated text is accurate or a reliable expression of the original English text. There were only two reported deaths: one Seattle man died of a heart attack and another drowned when his boat capsized due to a resulting wave.[14]. It is the largest community and only city in the area commonly known as the Comox Valley, and the seat of the Comox Valley Regional District, which replaced the Comox-Strathcona Regional District. The translation feature on this website is provided as a courtesy via Google’s automated translation technology. The terminus, Courtenay railway station is at the former Canadian Pacific Railway station that was designated a Heritage Railway Station in 1993. The climate in Courtenay is very similar to that of the rest of eastern Vancouver Island, classified as a Mediterranean climate (Csb) due to the low levels of precipitation and drying in the summer months. Many of the stores and businesses centred on what was originally called Union Street (now 5th Street), which ascended from McPhee's bridge. This is one of few places in the world where you may go ocean kayaking in the morning, cycle at lunch, downhill ski in the afternoon... and then end your day dining at a five-star restaurant or simply enjoying a bag lunch on the beach. [10]:10, In 1864, Robert Brown, leading the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition, discovered coal deposits in the Comox Valley, but these went unexploited for two decades. As of 2018 the mayor is Bob Wells. [34] Over the next few months, the excavation, led by Dr. Roif Ludvigson, revealed a near complete skeleton. Courtenay has numerous public schools operated by School District 71 Comox Valley. 4:00 pm, City Hall Council Chambers, 830 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay. The translation feature on this website is provided as a courtesy via Google’s automated translation technology. Of this income, earnings were 64.7%, government transfers were 16.5%, and other income was 18.8%. For every 100 females there were 89.7 males and for every 100 females age 20 and over, there were 86.6 males. The average household size was 2.2. [43], There are several art galleries in the city. Nagorsen, D.W. & NatureServe (Cannings, S. & Hammerson, G.) (2008). [8] After analysis of the skeleton began, paleontologists Dr. Meckter and Dr. Betsy Nicholls, realized this 80-million year old skeleton was a new kind of Mosasaur that had not yet been discovered. These wooden stakes can still be seen at low tide — local archaeologist Nancy Greene has estimated that up to 200,000 wooden stakes remain in the mud flats. The median age was 43 years compared to 40.8 for BC as a whole. Local recreation departments are seeking your thoughts on recreation guide distribution through a survey available until November 27, 2020. The port in Little River provides service for ferry travel between Powell River and Vancouver Island, while the Buckley Bay ferry terminal provides a route between Vancouver Island and Denman Island.[59]. [20], Every summer, usually in July, the largest music festival, the Island Music Fest[22] on Vancouver Island takes place in the Comox Valley. Captain George Vancouver arrived the following year, tasked by the British government with charting the northwest coast of North America. In 1857, Captain George Richards of HMS Plumper was tasked with undertaking a complete survey of the coastline of Vancouver Island, and was given authority to name local landmarks. HAMM is a founding member of CVMA (Comox Valley Museum Association). / The resort has a lot of on-mountain accommodation in the Alpine Village. [52], Community parks include the Simms Millennium Park and Lewis Park. The townsite on the much drier west side of the river, called for a time "New Courtenay",[12] quickly developed. Future rehabilition work on the Fifth Street Bridge will extend its useful life. / Courtenay is an innovative, vibrant and growing city. The I-Hos Gallery is run by the K'ómoks First Nation and displays modern and traditional BC coastal First Nations art. Courtenay also has an active branch of Crime Stoppers[65] to help provide the Comox Valley information about recent crimes and a way to provide anonymous tips. It is open year-round. The translation feature on this website is provided as a courtesy via Google’s automated translation technology. Courtenay's Official Community Plan is getting an update to ensure it meets current population projections and community values. [42], Just north of the city is the Nim-Nim Interpretive Centre. In 1960, the 5th Street bridge built in 1923 was replaced with the current steel structure. Prior to that the city was in the electoral districts of Comox–Alberni and then Vancouver Island North.