It comes with a stainless-steel inner bowl, which must be pre-frozen for 12+ hours; a protective sleeve for the hands; and a spoon, which is used to manually mix, stir and scrape the chilled ice cream mix and toppings until the soft serve texture is achieved.

This type of ice cream maker is more compact and easier to store when not in use.

Features 9L capacity, timer, removable crumb tray and cool touch carry handles. Its retro vibe can serve as an accent piece in the kitchen.

Deep-fried meals such as French fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and many more, form part of our comfort foods and guilty pleasures. Our range of support options ensure you experience an easy and hassle free process when you need to talk to us about your Product Care® plan.

It also has an impact-resistant paddle to evenly stir the cream mixture. Top 10 Best Convection Ovens in the Philippines 2020 (La Germania, Imarflex, and More).

So, the next time you crave for a frozen treat, consider a healthier option by making your own ice cream. This slim yogurt maker is available in a variety of colors – red, green, purple, white, and black. Now, there is a wide range of ice cream makers on the market, and for some options, all it takes is a push of a button. You never know, artisan ice cream could be the next big trend! Use the ice cream maker’s pre-cool function to quickly bring temperatures down to negative 30-degrees Celsius and shorten wait times. They are designed to speed up the churning and cooling process of your cream mixture with just a push of a button. It can help you whip up homemade drinks, smoothies, pasta sauce, pancake batter, dips, and soups by simply submerging its blade into your glass, bowl, or pot to mix or purée the ingredients.It’s a great alternative to a countertop blender and a food processor, which requires transferring ingredients from one container to another. This article hopes to give you a guide and recommendations on excellent espresso machines that you can purchase online. Luckily, there are now air fryers that lessen the guilt we have when eating deep-fried food.
The end product is a unique ice cream formation that is popularly known as Thai stir-fried ice cream.

It allows you to whip the ice cream by the hand, giving you more involvement and control in the process. Exclusions apply.

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Even if you're not a professional chef, you can use this tool for your delectable dishes at home. Top 10 Best Ceramic Knives in the Philippines 2020 (Kyocera, Cuisinart, and More). This ice cream machine features two freezer mugs so you can create 2 solo servings of ice cream at the same time.

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Use this machine to create sweet and healthy yogurts for the kids and adults too. 1 cup fresh, ripe strawberries (hulled and halved), the fresh strawberries using a hand blender, In a mixing bowl, pour the milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, salt and sugar, Add the pureed strawberry into the chilled cream mixture, Pour the strawberry-cream mixture into the ice cream maker’s inner bowl, Push the start button and let the machine do the work for, Garnish with fresh fruits and chocolate syrup, Top 10 Best Blenders in the Philippines 2020 (Oster, Hamilton Beach, Imarflex, and More), Top 10 Best Juicers in the Philippines 2020 (Hurom, Imarflex and More), Electric ice cream maker with a built-in freezer, Removable bowl, removable paddle and cleaning brush, Electric ice cream maker with a freezer bowl, Freezer bowl, mixing paddle and recipe booklet, 1.2 liters, which can make 700 grams of ice cream, Scrape-type ice cream maker with a freezer bowl, Stainless steel bowl, protective sleeve, and spoon, Triple refrigeration system for minimal cold air release, Aluminum ice cream bowl and stirring paddle, Scrape-type ice cream maker with a freezer pan, Aluminum inner pot and star ice cream mold, Electric ice cream maker with freezer mugs, Two 16-ounce mugs (equivalent to 2 pints), Top 10 Best Ice Cream Makers in the Philippines 2020 (Breville, Cuisinart, De'Longhi, and More). The booklet also includes recipes for baked goodies such as birthday cakes, chocolate brownies, and sauces that will complement your homemade ice cream. Prepare more do-it-yourself desserts using fruits.

Try making your very own ice cream! An immersion blender is a more budget-friendly food prep tool that is functional yet more compact and easy to clean.

Top 8 Best Immersion Blenders in the Philippines 2020 (Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, and More). There is no need to prepare a cream mix, you will be needing just two ingredients – your chosen frozen fruit and any ready-to-eat yogurt. It features a star ice cream mold, which allows you to recreate the familiar swirly shape.

The stove doesn’t get as hot, they’re easier to clean, and they’re relatively safer to use. Corned beef, sardines, Vienna sausage, and luncheon meat are some of the most popular canned goods in the Philippines and it goes without saying that all Filipino households will have these in their kitchens. Top 10 Best Espresso Machines in the Philippines 2020 (Breville, Nespresso and More).