Do note that stainless steel has different gradations. It even comes with a deck of playing cards and an all-important roll of toilet tissue. In addition to its exterior design, the knife also a full tang construction and a rubberized diamond texture grip. Check on Amazon. This is caveated however, by the fact that stainless steel blades are often softer than their high carbon steel counterparts. It might not be a fully-fledged saw but the 10 inches of the blade means that you still have plenty of steel to work with. The blade length also serves an important role when it comes to owning a survival knife. DIMENSIONS: 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) overall length with a blade length of 5 inches (12.8 cm) and a weight of 12.3 ounces According to Amazon reviews, the Morakniv Companion will keep its razor-sharp edge for many camping or bushcraft trips to come. The knife has a black finish, which is something unique to the SOG brand- a titanium nitrade (TiNi) coating which is one of the strongest coatings that can be applied to metal. Because of the serrated edges, this type of knife looks like a saw, and it is particularly useful when you need to cut through wood. Simply push on the lock when you have finished using the knife to fold the blade into the handle. However, the Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife boasts an especially solid and sturdy design. This makes it great for poking holes or other intricate knife work. This coating has been designed to resist wear especially well. If it does get wet, make sure you dry it as quickly as possible. Before storing, apply some mineral oil, then keep it away in a dry place. The bracelet is made out of paracord, so you are never without a rope. This handy guide is packed with experience-based survival advice and instructions, ideal for when you need some expert help on the go. Mossy Oak also clearly thought long and hard about how easy the knife is to carry. They have specially designed durable and waterproof cases that protect the inside components from damage when not in use so that you're not unpleasantly surprised by broken gear when you need it most. There are five extra utilities on this knife that make it ideal for a variety of situations. What this translates into is a knife that is harder and stronger compared to its low carbon components. This is due to the fact that it comes complete with a special leg strap that is fully adjustable. The knife features a versatile drop point blade with a 4.5″ cutting edge, suitable to a variety of outdoor tasks, such as field dressing and preparation of medium to large-sized game animals. The firestarter is excellent quality, and it is good for up to 7000 strikes, and it works even when it’s wet. These kits are specifically designed to be able to withstand extreme temperatures that can occur inside a car. While we love this survival kit's comprehensiveness, having a container that allows it to be more neatly organized would save valuable time that might be lost by having to dig through the kit to find what you need. Still, on the handle, there is a hole near the pommel through which you can slip a lanyard. Blades with full tangs are mostly the best choices for survival knives. It should be noted that this survival knife weighs in at sixteen ounces. We’ve already discussed hardness, but it’s worth touching on this point separately, as high carbon steel blades are perfect for retaining that razor sharp edge for longer. To create convex grinds, you simply sharpen your blade using a free sharpening belt. They’re constructed by a company with a solid track record and a good reputation that will also offer a strong warranty to protect you manufacturer defects or malfunctions. In a desert climate, having a kit that comes with water rations might be a better option. Whether you use it for bushcraft activities such as skinning or even to gut a fish: the Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife is a Jack of all trades. The ideal blade length for a bushcraft knife is around four inches. Now that’s what we call premium service. In this review, we’re going to answer all of these questions and take you through the best survival knives on the market. In essence, different survival knives are better at different tasks and although the are some good ‘all rounders’, generally speaking, these types of knives will never be the best at any specific task. The 119 Special is a clip blade, meaning it has a crescent tip with a sharper and thinner point than other blade styles. High carbon steel blades are significantly harder than stainless steel blades, meaning they are more dependable when making precision cuts. Survival knives are also ideal for camping trips. In this Buyer’s Guide, we are going to focus on the major characteristics to consider when buying a survival knife. However, on the whole, folding blades just do not perform well during robust and frequent use, especially during genuine survival situations. The SOG Survival Knife Seal Pup Elite may be a smaller version of SOG’s Elite survival knife, but it is just as effective. This is to ensure the knife doesn’t let you down at critical moments. It fits well in the average-sized hand and feels comfortable, being just 11 ounces in weight. Your email address will not be published. Talking about the product’s longevity, its manufacturers made it better able to resist corrosion. While the flash is not the best out there, it provides enough light to see where you’re going in the dark. In essence, they are like an extension of your fingers. It is important to pick a blade based on the length that will make it easy when it comes to the overall use. Our Top 7 Best Survival Knife choices are: Our team has also included a handy Buying Guide section at the bottom of this post. A: The best survival kits are the ones that come with a variety of tools and implements to handle a range of emergencies. Their proprietary heat treatment method creates a strong and durable blade that will be a great asset in your survival needs. There are a number of variations when it comes to blade ‘tang’. The knife’s spine can create fire-igniting sparks by being pulled into carefully and with some force. (Click on the name of any survival knife to read its in-depth review). This means that if your knife needs re-sharpening, Benchmade will do it for you and send the knife back free of charge. She’s traveled all across the globe to sample nature’s delights. The pouch comes with a loop at the back through which you can slide your belt so the knife rides safely on your waist. The knife is 11.88″ long, with a 6.38″ blade that is 1/4″ thick. Nirbhay Singh is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of This system's true value is that it gives you a full setup for a wide range of dangers. This provides you with the combined advantages of a serrated and straight-edged knife in one. In addition, the sheath is not wearable, with users citing difficulties pulling the knife out or sheathing it back in. These include a polyester belt sheath for easy carrying, and a lanyard hole if you want to wear it around your neck. Multipurpose items include the knife, tactical pen, and compass. To the untrained eye, a knife is just a blade with a handle. This best-selling survival knife comes with a protective plastic sheath to keep the blade secure in-between uses.