The following countries offer between 12 and 16 weeks of maternity leave, with the US being the least generous, offering only 12 weeks of unpaid leave, and no protection from termination. But it says something that in all the developed world, the United States ranks on the very bottom of the list of countries with the best maternity leave laws, according to CNN. Looks like your email already exists in our database. By clicking "Post Comment," you agree toour Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This qualified them for Deutschland’s drool-inducing list of maternity and postpartum benefits. You missed India 24 weeks or 6 months of matternity leave. Because she had two children, Knoblauch collected about 300 euros a month (about $387).

If you’re nearing the point in your life where you might want to have kids, that’s something you should consider and evaluate.

They also subsidise large portions of early-year childcare and pay parents generously during their time off, reducing the financial burden on both parents. Norway allows parents to split the remaining days between both parents, but there is no bonus system in place that encourages a similar use of the time by fathers.

The World [infographic], Yahoo Rethinks Its Maternity Leave Policy. While there are sound family and health reasons for maternity leave policies for employees, as an international employer you should be aware of how extended or paid leave can affect your overseas business. Old town in Tauberbischofsheim, Bavaria, Germany. Some of the best parental leave policies are below: In Norway , a father can take 10 weeks paid leave to be with his child along with an option of taking 26 weeks of parental leave at 100% pay or 36 weeks of parental leave … When Kim Knoblauch gave birth to her first child in the US in 2006, the only maternity leave pay she received was a month’s worth of accrued vacation and sick time. In Finland, it’s not just your friends who throw you a baby shower — it’s the government too.

Singapore also allows the employee to take an additional period of unpaid leave of up to one year. Maternity Leaves Around The World: Worst And Best Countries For Paid Maternity Leave (PHOTOS) The Huffington Post Canada 05/22/2012 03:09am EDT | Updated November 18, 2015 One parent, for example, could use 10 weeks and the other eight. All text and design is copyright ©2020 Koala Guide LLC. The United States still only guarantees 12 weeks of unpaid time off, thanks to the Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) passed in … After that, we ranked the countries on two criteria. Women have historically done more of the domestic work and child-rearing than men, even after returning to their jobs. The primary factors that will affect your They can extend the leave for another 14 weeks if the child or parent gets sick. And only half of all workers are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act, which allows employees of companies with more than 50 employees to take a job-protected (but not paid) leave of up to 12 weeks. There is “parental leave,” meaning either mom or dad can take government-paid leave for up to 18 weeks. There are still many improvements to be made even in the world's most developed countries. 5. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the countries with best maternity leave policies in the world. Only half of all first-time mothers in the US take any paid leave, Shabo says, and that payment usually comes from other benefits such as vacation time, sick days or short-term disability coverage. Only about 10 percent of the private sector workforce is employed by companies that offer designated paid family leave, she adds. Here are some of the best and worst maternity leave policies throughout the world. 3. Laws in some European countries allow women to take dozens of weeks of paid leave. However, there are places, like Denmark that give over one year’s maternity leave at 100 percent salary and other countries that provide a sort of stipend for a certain period of time and that might be where you are getting your three years number, but that isn’t maternity leave. Of that time, 90 days are reserved for each parent. We make international employment simple. Adoptive parents and same-sex parents get parental leave in the U.K., Canada, France, and yes, Sweden. Most of these entitlements require that the employee be in service and making social security contributions for a minimum period such as 3-6 months before they can apply for leave.

It is not typical for people to get 3 years maternity leave anywhere in the world. Instead, you can collect child home care allowance, which is a reduced payment from the parental allowance, but makes it possible for some families to extend leave time for up to three years job-protected. Hiring employees overseas will subject your company to host country employment and labor laws, which may be different from your home country rules or company policies. The remaining 13 weeks can be split as parents see fit. Henningsvaer, Austvagoya Island, Lofoten Islands, Nordland, Norway. Mothers can take 20 weeks of fully paid leave after giving birth, with the amount of money paid calculated by finding the average daily wages a woman made the 18 months prior to giving birth.