And, understandably, I’ve been obsessed ever since. MTV was the only non-Danish channel she could watch when she moved to the Scandinavian country in 1998, having previously lived in Portugal and the US, and a world of TLC, Brandy, Timbaland beats and rappers in luxury cars beckoned. Following in the style of an array of EPs and singles, her debut full-length also takes inspiration from soul and 90s r’n’b. Cookie Settings 1 peak. These are our picks for the best hip-hop albums of the year, now that all the introductions have been made. 3 last week. It’s an album tailor-made for taking in the finer things in life, from walks in the park to walks around the M&S food on the move section, scouring for reduced goods. And he never disappoints. Because it wasn’t a deep-digging DJ spinning beat up 7-inches, instead it was Amsterdam space disco-ites The Mauskovic Dance Band playing tunes from their debut record. Beyond this, he's an incredibly talented producer with a knack for crafting tantalizingly mellow and precisely confident dancefloor cuts. The harrowing 'Birth Of Creation', ripe for a jazz-inspired horror flick soundtrack, follows the same dark theme of 'Blood Of The Past', while the relentless saxophones of 'Super Zodiac' leave you gasping for air by the end of the four minutes. It’s an album that deserves all the plaudits it should receive.James Ball. Her refusal to spin broad themes for late-millenials to latch onto seems to be a reason why - two albums, five EPs and a co-sign from Kendrick deep into her career - she’d been plagued with well-meaning tags like ‘underrated’ and not quite received her dues among mainstream audiences. In no particular order, here's our favourite albums of the year so far.... Erika de Casier’s love for late 90s/00s r’n’b started out of necessity. But ‘relatability’ has nothing to do with why I love this album. Funster. In a year where rap’s biggest stars (Kanye West excepted) took a break, a new class of stars, from Megan Thee Stallion to DaBaby to Roddy Ricch, emerged. La vida loca, baby. These are the albums that defined the year in hip-hop. £10.49 #2. “Tranquility yeah that's all I need, yeah / I'm pouring my heart on a trap instrumental / I went through some shit that fucked up my mental,” the North West Londoner states at the beginning of ‘Utopia’, the mixtape that hits as hard as a studio album, which he dropped in April. 2019 has been a year of firsts for K-Trap. 2 peak. We need more artists like DJ Marcelle. Released on Soundway, the self-titled album by the Mauskovic ‘brothers’ captures the sounds of afro-latin psychedelia in the 70s and 80s in a way not heard since, well, the 70s and 80s. Thankfully there are producers like Kornél Kovács out there for moments like that, just a 'play' button away from transforming your weary self into one of spright jubilation with his Starburst-flavoured tracks. Accordingly, he manages to incorporate more colourful and soulful textures into his razor sharp sound, particularly on the aforementioned ‘Big Mood’, the warm and introspective ‘Change’ and ‘Young Fly’ which features a swaggering hook from AJ. Having only released a handful of EPs only available on vinyl, the growing amount of fans following this fresh talent are eager to get their hands on new material whenever it surfaces. The bleakness of winter and the pressures and possibilities of the new year were very much alive, kicking and aided by an album as reflective and soul-soothing as this. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC.