Great masses, as those of the great planets, would not be attracted with a force proportional to the mass because of the hindrance of the interposed portions. It grew very slowly, partly because of the hostility of the Indians and partly because of the incapacity of the French as colonizers. Because of Darkyn's bitch, I've got a price on my head from the Dark One. That near the surface is generally poor in quality and the difficulties of deep mining may be great because of folds and faults in the rocks. The ordinary triangular form of deltas, due to the smoothing of the delta front by sea action, is here wanting, because of the weakness of sea action in comparison with the strength of the current in each of the four distributaries or passes into which the river divides near its mouth. Spirulina sp. This is called go-no-me-namako, because of its resemblance to the disposition of chequers in the Japanese game of go. Palaeontology both borrows from and sheds light upon geology and other branches of the physical history of the earth, each of which, such as palaeogeography or palaeometeorology, is the more fascinating because of the large element of the unknown, the need for constructive imagination, the appeal to other branches of biological and physical investigation for supplementary evidence, and the necessity of constant comparison with the present aspects of nature. Sorry for the typographical error: American. In American history they occupy an important place because of the very prominent part which they played in the colonization of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. How to use because-of in a sentence. His brothers didn't hate him just because of his lineage. The timescale of prokaryote evolution has been difficult to reconstruct, He's not a great actor but he gets roles anyway, The baseball game was postponed until tomorrow, They are home to large bird populations, although many no longer breed on the main islands, She was ostracized from the scientific community for many years, For three unhappy days we were all stuck in the house, In my opinion, the drugged-out, spaced-out look on their faces is obviously, She refused to live in a non-urban environment, The mercury has been soaring in the state since the weekend. Isn’t it probable that “as” wormed its way into use because of the ridiculous tabloids? Brief summaryも少し含んだFinal statementのように思います。). Please do not even consider such wordy concatenations! Usually, “because” goes in between the two clauses, so if we start a sentence with “because” there is often only one clause in the sentence. For about three months following this event he was held as a prisoner on parole within the limits of Charleston; then, because of his influence in deterring others from exchanging their paroles for the privileges of British subjects, he was seized, taken to St Augustine, Florida, and there, because he would not give another parole to those who had violated the former agreement affecting him, he was confined for forty-two weeks in a dungeon. Because of me , she went back to the countryside .彼女は俺のせいで 田舎に帰ったんです。 2. Example sentences with the word because. I like “allowing as how” — it has a sort of folksy twang, useful in certain contexts. Because of in a sentence (1) Don’t throw away the apple because of the core. The importance of Callao in colonial times, when it was the only open port south of Panama, did not continue under the new political order, because of the unsettled state of public affairs and the loss of its monopoly. you need to chill The changes introduced by the Genevan translators were, as a rule, a great improvement, and the version received a ready welcome and immediate popularity, not only on account of its intrinsic merits, but because of its handy size, usually that of a small quarto, and of its being printed, like Whittingham's New Testament, in a readable Roman type instead of black letter. 2. As if that were not enough, the main element that the fast food market advertises and competes for is not good food or fresh ingredients, but lowest prices, and we all know what that means. With a friend, William Berry, he then bought a small country store, which soon failed chiefly because of the drunken habits of Berry and because Lincoln preferred to read and to tell stories - he early gained local celebrity as a story-teller - rather than sell; about this time he got hold of a set of Blackstone. Separating them in the second example outlines the issues and makes the second sentence completely incorrect; it’s a fragmented sentence again. A doubt also still exists in regard to a number of names of the older period because of the uncertainty whether their bearers were Sumerians or Semites. The Democratic party nominated the one available Democrat who had the smallest chance of beating him - Horatio Seymour, lately governor of New York, an excellent statesman, but at that time hopeless as a candidate because of his attitude during the war. Lady Deborah Moody left Massachusetts for the New Netherlands in 1643 because of her antipaedobaptist views and on her way stopped at New Haven, where she won to her principles Mrs Eaton, the wife of the governor, Theophilus Eaton. The Pennsylvania portionof the crystalline belt is narrow, as has been said, because of encroachment upon it by the inward overlap of the coastal olain: it ~s low because of small Tertiary unlift: but. It was first used during the 16th century because of the belief held by Camden and other older historians, that during this period there were exactly seven kingdoms in England, these being Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Wessex. Having been sentenced to banishment (October 1635) by the Massachusetts Court because of his persistence in advocating separatistic views deemed unsettling and dangerous, to escape deportation to England he betook himself (January 1636) to the wilderness, where he was hospitably entertained. In part also because of what he had left undone. (2) Throw away the apple because of the core. Example sentences with the word because-of. According to an article in Success magazine(November 1994), America today eats more fast food than ever before. Parlia- ~ mentary history took the form of a hostile criticism of the government proposals, which was particularly bitter because of the irreconcilable opposition of the Free Traders. His administration was marked by no important events, except that he had on several occasions in his second term to call out the militia of the state to preserve order; but it may be considered important because of the training it gave him in executive as distinguished from legislative work. The whole reason he'd avoided her was because of Wynn's warning – pleasure kills – a reminder that Deidre's tumor was connected to her emotions. As a result of: This phrase is a substitute for “because of,” not because, as in “As a result of his intervention, the case was reopened and they were ultimately exonerated.”, 3. There has been no great development of railway construction in Venezuela, partly on account of political insecurity and partly because of the backward industrial state of the country. Chiefly because of these evils the constitution of 1821 required the assent of two-thirds of the members elected to each house of the legislature to pass an act creating a corporation. Don't forget the Burton boy is alive because of us. 655) was fought off the coast of Lycia the great naval battle, which because of the great number of masts has been called "the mast fight," in which the Greek fleet, commanded by the emperor Constans II. You know why? A United States arsenal and armoury were established at Harper's Ferry in 1796, the site being chosen because of the good water-power; these were seized on the 16th of October 1859 by John Brown, the abolitionist, and some 21 of his followers.