Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. If you don’t know how to memorize a number like 033614625035, you could either use repetition or learn a mnemonic system like the Major System or Dominic System. please give me the leap year codes which we have to subtract finally to get the formula. Take the reminder. Next day of week from today. Ex, Dec 28th 1974 : With default settings, the WEEKDAY function treats Sunday as the first day of the week (1), and Saturday as the last day (7). Year code : ((74 div 4) + 74) mod 7 = ( 4 + 4 ) mod 7 = 1 Year Code: 6, Month = 0 2. Any day - Idioms by The Free Dictionary ... Every day, as in I could eat fresh corn any day of the week. You could use a number shape image like a swan to hold that in memory while you calculate the items below. Note: if the reminder is negative add 7. int yearCode = ((yearCount/4) + yearCount) % 7; int monthCode = monthCodes[month – 1]; 14 March 1987 Date-Number-“Code”: ——-7 January has 31 days. plz clear the concept of leap years, My Bad… There’s a faster way. Then I did 4 (June’s month code is 4) + 4 (when I did 6,4,2,0 all the way up to 270bce) + 27 (date) + 2 (the Julian year code) =37. I have another idea to remember month code. We can plug the numbers into the formula: @surendra – please attempt it first and show your work in a comment. Take ’69 and divide by 4, discarding the remainder. A way to quickly memorize 033614625035 without a complex mnemonic system would be to use a number shape system to associate images with each month. No need to do so many calculation. 30 mod 7 = June 4 Assuming it has to do with the 11-day discrepancy for the Julian/Gregorian split. = (04 + (04 div 4)) mod 7 Date Number: 14 Learn how to use the connection between modular arithmetic and remainders in division to calculate the day of the week of any date. Mother's Day and Memorial Day are two of the holidays celebrated in May, but there are plenty of others that are perfect for children and families: Kids will no doubt enjoy Astronomy Week this month, too. any day of the week phrase. Finally, multiply the resultant value with 2.. Below given Gregorian Century Offsets table shows the other century and offset values, Century Offset 1=moday This is easy — just memorize the number 033614625035: Now you have the Month Code. Year Code = 7 How about 16 days after a Monday? 5 mod 7 = 5 will give the correct answer. year code 0 Formula Correct me If I am wrong. 200, 600, 1000, 1400, 1800, etc., @sam nil – I’m pretty sure that the Battle of Hastings was on a Saturday. 4 Little artists will appreciate that August is also Artist Appreciation Month.​. Month Offset @prateek – please show all of your work, similar to how I did it in this comment (above). Thanks!! So if January 1, 2001, was Monday, January 1, 2002, will fall on a Tuesday because 2002 was not a leap year. Every month is full of days and weeks to observe and celebrate. Day should be Sunday. Carol Bainbridge has provided advice to parents of gifted children for decades, and was a member of the Indiana Association for the Gifted. So, if you’re trying to calculate August 29, 2004, you can do it like this: 2004 was a leap year, but we’re looking at August, so we don’t have to modify the output. However, the correct answer is Monday. 20 % 7 then the odd day for that year is 0!! In conclusion, you can reduce away multiples of 7 during the calculations except from the YY div 4 there YY needs to be intact,but its result can be reduced. However the day is Friday, not Sunday. Month code In addition to the family favorite, Independence Day, other days kids will love include: In August, the weather can still be pretty warm, but the vacation season is winding down as kids prepare for school to begin again. To get a different day of week, use a different value for "dow" in the formula. (4 + 6 + 4 + 16 – 0) mod 7 = Disable moonphases. DOB 28/12/1976 I’ll run through an example with the date, 14 March 1897 — Einstein’s birthday. I dont want just memorize it without understanding. Find the Month Offset: Consider there are 4 weeks in a month, which means 4 x 7 = 28 days. For example: 10 mod 3 ≡ 1 (since 10 / 3 = 3 remainder 1), 12 mod 4 ≡ 0 (since 12 / 4 = 3 remainder 0), and so on. 15 mod7 The next highest multiple of 4 for the first two digit number 19 is 20. As you can check, 7 x 33 = 231, which means that 237 / 7 = 33 remainder 6. 1969 wasn’t a leap year since it can’t be divided by 4. I don’t know the math explanations behind the technique, but if you ask that question in the forum, someone may be able to answer that question. 1901 Jan 1st on Tuesday, 1902 Jan 1st on Wednesday and 1903 Jan 1st on Thursday. 96 mod 7 could you explain the logic behind the formula and calculation. Definition of any day of the week in the Idioms Dictionary. The remainder was 2. Here’s the method I worked out for Gregorian Dates: The fraction, 2/4, is dropped. Year code 2, Month code 3, Date 24, century code 6. Day code 28 mod 7 = 0 Any day is the more preferred when talking about a general time frame.Usually the term is used to describe something that is happening soon, as in the next couple of days, or any day. Since 365 mod 7= 1, every year starts from the next day it’s from the day its preceding year started. You could picture a butterfly in February and March, if you use a butterfly image for the number three. AD 4000 within seconds ( 41st Century) since the Gregorian Calendar was instituted. 8 mod 7 = 1. Here i am getting number in point then how to solve it, Hello, 26 mod 7=5 Thank you and all the viewers of this site for their clues. The closest I could get was 7*5=35. We create short videos, and clear examples of formulas, functions, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and charts. East – code 2 ( 2200s ) and so forth…. 4 (not zero), You need to do this calculation: Enter any date to find out the weekday and other fun facts. Can you please show us the working for 25 Dec 2025??? It was worked out myself. Then, 86 mod 7 = 2. May 1st Friday, Aug 1st Saturday and Mar 1st Sun day. Imagine you have any random date and want find the Monday of the week in which the date appears. 3 months FREE trial, no credit card needed. Quite a nice trick…I am my own calendar now..Im now a walking calendar. I prepared such a book” named calendar for ever” from which u can find out any day of date within seconds since the gregorian calendar was instituted. Here it will be repeat three times. By default, Excel assigns 1 to Sunday and 7 to Saturday. but it was a Saturday I wanted to make a point for programmers who will use this nice formula to be careful with the Leap Year Code calculations.