culture of the local villagers, unforgettable beautiful sceneries for your aftertastes, If you want to have a visit, two ancient villages are recommended: Hongkeng Village (洪坑村) and Chuxi Village (初溪村) in Yongding Prefecture. Xidi Ancient Village (西递古村落): At the south foot of the Yellow Mountain, the old trading town of Xidi is a gem of the glorious Hui culture. Besides, Once being the capital city of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom and Dali Kingdom, Dali (大理) has been the Train If Yongding Tulou buildings are like closed, solid, ancient castles, the residential buildings in Peitian could be considered big, elegant, bold manor houses. Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (周庄古镇): Zhouzhuang is an attractive destination known to many as the "Venice of the East." It is widely loved by photographers especial the foggy village in the morning. There are ancient buildings along the river and many well-preserved bridges for you to see. Reputed as the museum of ancient buildings of Qing and Ming dynasties, Xidi Baoshao Stone City was built on a huge mushroom-shaped rock, and only has about one hundred houses. Besides, the private transfer As you carvings, stone carvings, and wood carvings, and all that are exquisite like paper cuttings. movie Mission Impossible 3, this mysterious old place has been listed in the traveling lists of It is in the remote southwest of Yunnan, about 300 km from Dali. in China, like Taoping Qiang Village, Luodai Old Town, Shangli Old Among the ancient buildings in Hongcun, Chengzhi Hall built by a salt business man in the Qing Dynasty is the most famous house. keeping over 60% residential buildings of Ming and Qing styles and 14 distinctly featured ancient Located in Shangrao City in Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan County has a more than 1200 years history. Though the bus can take you to the village directly, you may choose to get off at the nearest town, and then walk to the village (about 3 hours is needed) to see the beautiful landscape along the way. Located on the north edge of Sichuan Basin, surrounded by steep mountains, it enjoys unique geographical advantage and once be the political, economical, military and cultural centre of northern Sichuan. It is famous Chinese writer Shen Congwen's hometown, and is vividly described in his book the Border Town. Recommended Tour: 2-Day Charming Shanghai and Water Town Tour. Visiting Fenghuang Ancient Town — Charm of the ancient […] Wuzhen water town (乌镇水乡): Wuzhen is renowned as " the home to celebrities" It has nurtured generations of predominant scholars, government officials, brilliant politicians, etc. As a typical Jiangnan rich family house, the West Garden is the largest private garden in Xitang Ancient Town. >> Tailor a Tour Now! Ancient Village. Being one of the major staging points along the state road in ancient times, visitors can now imagine the busy scene when many horse-drawn carriages went by. Unlike any other Chinese town, the traditional Bai ethnic folk houses and blooming flower gardens they cared, give the town distinctive feel. Qingmuchuan is approximately 400 km from Xi'an or Chengdu in an isolated location in the Tibetan foothills. The beautiful scenery and exquisite architecture win it the fame of water town, mountain town and bridge town. Lake Kanas is about 902 kilometers from Urumqi (by road), and is about 200 kilometers from the nearest city: Altay City. >> 4 Days Yellow Mountain Wuyuan Scenery Photography Tour, Best time: March to May, September to November, Address: 14 km West from Chongqing, Shapingba District, Chongqing, Transportation: take Rail Transit Line 1 to Ciqikou Station from Chongqing downtown for about 1 hour. Furthermore, a series There are three Tuva villages altogether, all populated by the Mongolian Tuva and Kazak peoples: Hemu Village, Kanas Village and Baihaba Village. Cangshan, facing light blue Erhai Lake, Dali Ancient Town is a walled place with a history of over 1,200 years. Visit this precious town, which regardless of its location is accessible due to the big tourist interest. Testimonial Zhujiajiao, Nanxun, and many old towns and villages worth visiting The town is scenically located on the cliffs of the river Youshi. You can also visit Dadi tulou cluster, Hongkeng tulou cluster and Yuchang Lou. The small village is located in a valley, and only has about 80 houses. Please do respect the customs. Famous attractions: Former Residence of Mao Dun, Old Street of the West Gate, Wenchang Pagoda, Recommended Tour: 4 Days Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town Tour. decide which one to visit in 2020. along the hundreds-year old streets, appreciate the look of this town on the old pavilion of the The well-known Zhouzhuang (周庄) is praised as the “No.1 Water Town in China”. Back in the 14th century Ping Yao served as a financial center in China. would be impressed by the so amazing scene before you. Our local guide would give Nearby attractions: Jiaxing South and North Lake, Yanguan Tidal Bore Scenic Area in Haining and Xitang Ancient Town. If stopping overnight in a local village, you may even be able to take great photos of the stars at night from the rooftops. such as Hu Guangwen’s Memorial Archway, Zouma Building, Jing’ai Hall, and so forth. Take a small boat is a great way to see picturesque shores beside the river. These Swiss-style wooden houses are all surrounded by wooden fences, scattered among pine trees and birch trees. To get to Qingmuchuan, first get to Hanzhong, then take the Hanzhong long-distance bus the final 200 km to Qingmuchuan Town. It is an art museum of classical architecture. Station for about 1 hour, etc. They traditionally lived as hunter-gathers. To escape from a hot summer, Dali Ancient Town has been loved by more and more travelers. There are two types of ancient town that have earned renown in the East China region: the water towns of the Yangtze Delta area and the villages at the foot of the Yellow Mountains. Transportation: high speed trains are available from Shanghai for about 4 hours, Hangzhou for 2.5-3 with 113 old memorial halls, 28 old mansions, 36 old private houses, and 187 old bridges. Tourists can enjoy visiting the Huilongchang old street, where there are ancient buildings. life style in old China. about Fenghuang Ancient Town. Fenghuang Ancient Town Fenghuang Ancient Town or literally translated into Phoenix Ancient Town is a national-level famous town for its history and culture. Luzhi Ancient Town (甪直镇: Luzhi is a town of historical air. Note that things are not cheap in the village. We have picked ten great towns that you should consider visiting at least once in a lifetime. Tongli Ancient Town (同里古镇): A short drive from Suzhou, Tongli offers a step back in time. Tailor-make Your Trip to See the Fujian Earth Buildings: Pingyao is a well-preserved ancient county of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. When you visit Pingle, you will see ancient temples, old banyan trees, traditional paper workshops, and the ancient post road. Check more about Zhouzhuang. would disappear, what left there is the interest of getting lost in the maze and enjoy the pure style of locals by watching the old men playing chess, women doing daily routines at the river, Thousands of rhododendrons are open in April every year, so you can see a more beautiful Xitang at the time. Transportation: many daily coaches from Changsha could take you to Fenghuang Ancient Town for about The guests are welcome to admire ancient temples and gardens, that get lit up by thousands of colorful lights at night! Check more about Ciqikou Old Town. Qingmuchuan Ancient Town (青木川古镇): The town was known for its strategic importance and trade background. A lot of ancient towns pop-up to people's new travel plans, and have been great destinations to enjoy a quiet and peaceful journey. Constructed in 1086, Zhouzhuang Ancient Town has been existed for more than 900 years.